Tuesday, 17 February 2009

am really really frustrated.

Have been obviously talking to any available brick wall and am sooo sick of it.

Had a really crap day at work today. Psycho boss had everyone on high alert and it almost did me in (again) got to get out of there!!!

Been doing lots of thinking and journalling around misunderstandings. How do you change another persons expectations about you. When others EXPECT you to behave a certain way and react accordingly. I have been having trouble with this with a couple of family members and it was really getting to me. My thinking led me down the path of 'maybe its just not my shit'. You know how we get what we expect - if we expect failure, we get failure etc. Welllll, what if my experiences lately have been ME being on the giving end of this particular lesson. Me as 'teacher' showing them that they get what they wish for.....

I dont know. Did I explain that in a way that anyone understood???


well, will head off now.

need to cook food for the family, will promise not to poison ANY of it!!! lol


Natalie said...

Will call as soon as i am able.xx

dragonesque said...

Yes, I know what you mean but when I try to work out whether it could be the case or not then my head starts to hurt!

Lisa said...

i understand you Jen.
but i love you
all the time

Lisa x

Dave King said...

I suppose you have to ask (yourself or them?) why they have those expectations. Something must have led to them, I guess. Maybe a misunderstanding...

Jen said...

Thanks guys. Wendy - my head IS hurting.
Thanks Lisa.
Dave - misunderstanding yes. misconception yes. must search more.

This has been a see saw week. Huge highs, low lows. Searching for even keels. Sigh.

Thanks again

Evil Twin's Wife said...

I tell my family, "You don't mess with the person who fixes your food. You might get a booger sandwich!"

Jen said...

lol!!! booger sandwich - I am going to use that :D

Hippy Witch said...

Im loving the apron, I want to covet one just like it.