Sunday, 7 December 2008


I myself am made entirely of flaws - all stitched together with good intentions...... (ha ha - can just see some people i know doing a yippee and a toyota leap upon reading what i have written there)

This time of year certainly brings out the worst in some people.

Went and virtually finished my shopping yesterday - visited Renata at Hades - it was quite busy yesterday compared to last week. Not even contemplating visiting kotara fair - hmmmm - will finish at jesmond methinks and be done with it.

have managed all the shopping so far without having to come home and sit in a corner and rock. this is good. and being almost finished is a good feeling. frikken bah humbug. over it really.

and to top it off, we must be inundated with relatives. goody.

going to do more washing and contemplation... bye


Myst_72 said...

Good intentions are all you need ;)


Natalie said...

I am in the corner rocking.

We can't go Christmas shopping until Manna comes, so we watch every shopping centre get busier and busier.

All weekend I have wanted to get out and shop because it's my only free weekend left, but there is no money or even credit left on the cards.AAAARRRGH! I am seriously freaking out about the whole thing.

Anchell said...

I am rocking...or would be if I could manage it. I am rocking on the inside...try doing Kotara on a sunday with a cancerous parent, a cut up child ANd A KITTEN!

FRIK xxxxx

Natalie said...

Omg! the kitten! there are no baby cat change rooms either.
Very bad planning on behalf of multi million dollar retail group. Scoff, snort. :)

Lisa said...