Friday, 5 December 2008

Blessed are the cracked... because they are the ones that let in the light.

Ha - cool

Had a really really noice day at SoulCollage today with just Faerie and me. Good job i didnt have to work today. yippeee. We had lots of deep and meaningfuls and made a card - yep only one. but planned several more and brainstormed some ideas for cards that will be just AWESOME. Just wait for that one - anyhoo, here is the card i made today

Been a big week. Working every day (except today obviously and next thursday) til SPF.
Wanted to have a new rant about another 'spiritual truth' that i have stopped believing. This is the one about Judgement.

I have decided that a certain amount of judgement is necessary for our own survival.

We need to be able to 'judge' those of whom we need to associate with. Those that a 'relationship entity' will be beneficial and those that will 'destroy' us.

What good is it for us to find us in the company of someone who 'repels' us and to swallow that and embrace them as 'brother or sister' and 'a spiritual being' or 'fellow traveller' - when their energy is in no way in accordance with ours and all they do is make us miserable.

the judgement is necessary for us to be able to determine those of whom we can assist, those of whom can assist us, those of whom we can teach, those from whom we can learn from, those of  whom we can have fun with... etc.

those others - whose energy feels or seems discordant with ours - those who dont make us feel good - for whatever reason - are not meant to be part of our journey at this time. We need to pay attention to these feelings and act on them. Not be GUILTY  for having them.

It is another in a line of things to give us guilt - when in reality - we are staying safe by acting in accordance to these feelings.

I dont condone people being downright mean. This is not good either. Just notice, and quietly move on.

And dont let anyone make you feel guilty for judgement.

It is normal.

It is just another of the tools we have to determine our right path.

My thoughts anyway.

Thats it

rant over

my new mood ring is still purple. thats good because i wanted a purple one!!!



Hippy Witch said...

I must agree with your observations on judgement. Accept it and quietly move on from that person.

Natalie said...

Yay, Yay , YAY A THOUSAND TIMES YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Right on sister! Ditto etc. YES!!!
Exactly my belief system re: judgment.
Gee, I hope i'm not stinking up your path just cause my judging energy is in accordance with your energy :0

Natalie said...

Btw, lurve that card. xxoo

Faerie said...

Awesome Card Jen!

btw, my mood ring is still Blue!