Sunday, 14 December 2008

Strange request...

Hi there

I know this is a strange request but here goes....

my middle child - who is an 'individual' - has some strange ways sometimes.

Often things that come up with her are 'sensory'. She seems very susceptible to how things 'feel'.

She has always had trouble sleeping and lots of methods have been tried over the years and most have had limited success. Right now we are in the 'searching for another answer' for her sleep thing.

However - she has come up with taking her sheet off her mattress and sleeping directly on the silky feeling mattress... Hmmmm - whatever works for now - but dont want it to go on for too long  because of the obvious washing issues.

sooo - that brings me to my request. Would anyone have hanging around some kind of satiny feeling sheet (any size - she is in a single bed now so can tuck it in) that they would be happy to donate, swap something for or sell to me??

Just wondering.

Finished the shopping today.

Thank frik

Over it totally.

Now i just have to do the xmas rap  (imagine me in baggy pants, bling and my cap turned back to front - lol)

Will leave you with some eye candy


Oh yeah - that is nice and firm isnt it....


Lisa said...

the xmas rap made me laugh and i am certain we have a set of satin sheets here somewhere we could donate to the weird child fund...will do a search tomorrow xx

Cyndy said...

Hi Jen. After your delicious donation of some eye candy, how could I not give you my sexless black satin sheets to try. They are guaranteed to have seen no action, I promise!

Gawd: now my secret is out.....

Just let me know where to send them. ;0)

Anchell said...

...and shiny too!

As for the sheet, dunno, you can probably buy one somewhere, I think I saw them in go lo the other day

Hippy Witch said...

I can't believe it, I have just recently cut up 2 sets of satin sheets for altar cloths, I will check if I still have the bottom sheets, if I have you can have them, they are horrible to sleep on though because you slip off the bed.

Myst_72 said...

I do have a satiny single fitted sheet here happy to post to you! I'll just have to find it! Hadn't been used much, let me know :)


Natalie said...

Soz, no satiny or firm things here.

After five , I have figured out how it happens :D