Monday, 8 December 2008

Know how to tell which of your new friends, old friends, and former friends actually understand you?

Easy, the ones who still love you.

I still love you,
The Universe

I have subscribed to Tut - notes from the Universe. They are very good and i particularly like the one that just arrived (above). 'Friends' seem to be a topic for consideration lately. Interesting.

I had a dream last night.

I was with a friend and we were travelling up a winding river which was beautiful and surrounded by lush forest. It opened into a vast lake and i was swimming with my friend when we noticed a jet above was 'stalking' us - this felt uncomfortable and i was keeping an eye on it. Next thing i looked up and the jet was plummeting towards us - in a nosedive straight down. I immediately started swimming to avoid being hit when i realised that i wasnt swimming anymore i was in the air and flying. The jet plummeted to earth, embedding itself its full length in the earth. I commented that it was odd there was no fire. I later returned to the scene to find the wooded area to search for the jet and to see if its occupants were ok. thats it - i woke up.


Very empowering really.

what do you think??


Natalie said...

I DID NOT give you permission to use my image.

Anonymous said...

How ddi you get that picture of me????w.w.

Hippy Witch said...

Water represents emotions, was the water calm, or a little rough? so swimming with your friend could represent how you feel about your friends, and the plane, the inner conflict you are having regarding your feelings. You flying off before it hits could be telling you that you are really in control of your feelings. The fact that their was no fire, could mean that your friendships are strong, and your return to search could mean that you really value your friendships.

Natalie said...

Didn't delete.

I was feeling volcanic last night.

Actually wrote four posts and deleted them all.

One was : Apparently, I am going to be reborn with a silver spoon in my mouth -
Won't that be knife!
See! Better left unsaid. Groan.

Jewell said...

oh my god...she has one of bee's bagsxxxx