Friday, 19 December 2008


Job done...

term over

last day of work for the year today.

Been booked for every tuesday next term plus the first two wednesdays. very good as i normally dont get any work in the first term of the year.

thats mainstream

otherwise, have 2,241 photographs to rename and resize and upload to a website. along with new formatting, as i have traditionally changed it every year, plus 54 page title images. hmmmm - thinking that will take a couple of hours.

plus will probably have to start thinking about the dreaded spf and assorted obnoxious rellies descending on me for the day - woo hoo. not.


will go now and read to escape.



Natalie said...

What the? What's with the photos? what for? how many??

Just read yer book. xxoo

Jen said...

i do k's dance company website in exchange for fees.

now is my busy time re that


worth it though - means she can dance regardless of how broke i am - all good