Sunday, 21 December 2008

Bar friggin humbug

here is a pickie of my wonky bush. I might point out to you too, the guardian gargoyle type thingy on top of the speaker is wearing a christmas cat suit, cape and hat with fluffy ears - stunning. Almost looks better on him then it does on the cat!!

The large gift in front isnt for me - damn it - i am very excited. Shhh - dont tell anyone but I  am getting a new mobile phone hee hee hee - i am a techno coveter and am very very very excited about this. So please slot this in, along with the stroud weekend away, into number 39 of the meme below.

NOT excited, however, about having to go in and take more photos at honeysuckle and the beach this arvo. bugger. boy child is EXTREMELY unexcited, girls resigned to the fact. oh well, i bribed him with an ice cream from Jims on the way home.

Went to Jesmond today and have FINALLY FINISHED the shopping. YAY YAY YAY. Only have to do the fruit and veges and just  a few more groceries and am totally done!! I might even go online and order from the Banana Barn - I did that last year and they were very good. And they deliver to the door. Luxury. Good prices too. Clicky here if interested. Or it might mean a trip to the Harris Farm at Glendale.... yuk. Am rambling now ... sorry.

Oh - one more thing... remember I put out an appeal for a satiny sheet?? Some local friends made generous offers, and if anyone seriously wants to give one away, please comment with maybe some details for me to contact you re pick up (i will not publish your details, promise). Thanks again. xoxo

will go now and have a nice coffee and a read of my book, The Princess Bitchface Syndrome, surviving adolescent girls.  its quite good actually - bit of food for thought and has made me see some things a bit differently.


Lisa said...

yes, i have a navy blue one and we all know Morgs that your box is bigger than that one xx

Jen said...

thanks for pointing that out Lisa - lol

Faerie said...

Love your Chrissy Bush and setting!

Most Excellent on the new phone!!!

Yay! the food festival is over for me too!

What's a hedgehog cake?