Monday, 1 January 2007

Remember for 2007....

(This) Life is short,

break the rules,

forgive quickly,

kiss slowly,

love truly,

laugh uncontrollably

and never regret anything

that made you smile.

I dont make New Year's resolutions anymore but am sitting pondering

what direction i would like my life to take in 2007.

I hope that:-

I am able to understand my children better - with understanding should come the ability to deal more appropriately with them.

I continue to grow spiritually, with better understanding of myself, recognise and learn my life lessons and increased contact with like-minded people.

I am able to regularly work enough this year that our financial situation is improved.

I am able to create more time for being creative and i have enough spare cash to spend at Eckersleys.

My bedroom finally gets the makeover it has been SCREAMING for ever since we moved into this house - am totally over the navy blue and silverfrost with cherry red carpet.

I can commit to increasing the health of my body, with whatever it takes (and a few spring to mind instantly) coming easily because it is RIGHT.

I can get ORGANISED!!! I am a tail chaser and i have SO many loose ends that need tying up - this WILL happen this year.

I can simplify my life - the process of which is already starting. My public responsibilities have now ceased and the pressure that has gone along with it is now gone too. The major benefit of this will be more ME time. Coupled with the last point about organisation, 2007 should be the year of the Jen!!

There is more but i will leave it for now. I want to say THANK YOU to all of my new blogging friends - and em ah I luvs ya all!!


Anchell said...

We luvs ya too baby...happy happy!

Bee said...

sounds lke you have a busy time ahead of you,go for it girl

Lisa said...

i would like a year of jen about lisa ofcourse with pants on and spare cash to spend at ekerslys........blessed be....

rainbowspirit said...

did you mean lisa with pants on or jen??? just clearing it up...

hmmm - busy.... that is one thing i do NOT want to be.... shit - must revise list!!