Wednesday, 10 January 2007

Still boring.....

Well please see previous post.

Life is non eventful.

Did some housework today in preperation for the onslaught of 2 stinking hot days. Will be hot, tired and irritable for sure.

Cleaning the pool today and fell in, frock, spectacles and all. Thank god/ess that i didnt have my mobile or anything of value on me. That was about the extent of my excitement for today. Unless you count dust bunnies. Im not counting them by the way.

Getting excited for dear 'Chell for tomorrow. She will be one independently mobile type non bussing mary for sure. Least she will get another crack at a more attractive licence photo.

I have to take a kid for an allergy test tomorrow. Dr thinks she may be allergic to chlorine!! That would totally suck for sure. She is a majorly water oriented pisces type kid. Lets just hope he is wrong. Might ask them to allergy test me. I know some things that would definately come up as positive - school holidays, housework, cooking, teenagers, dentists and cockeroaches for sure.

Speaking of dentists, i had an appointment for friday to get my broken tooth yanked out. Watched the weather channel last night before i went to bed, just out of curiosity. FRIDAY IS GOING TO BE 38 DEGREES. I had a major panic attack. Couldnt breathe. Started to cry. I DO NOT cope with the heat. I also do NOT cope with going to the D word. Combine the two and i could see myself hitting the floor for sure. Made the cowardly decision this morning and rang and postponed the appointment til next wednesday. I know, I know, i am a wuss. Too late, it is done now. Now i have to suffer anticipation for an extra 5 days. Whhhaaaaaaaahhhh. (thats me crying in case you didnt understand).

Oh well, someone had better go and clean the kitchen up of post evening meal debris. Fairies must be on strike so i guess it will be me. Husband is sitting glued to Joey Johns playing 20/20 cricket on the telly. Very important stuff.



Word Imp said...

Hi there
I thought that sounded like quite an eventful day actually! Especially falling in the pool! Did anyone witness it? Hilarious. We have just been putting a pool in too so I'll have to beware of such trickery. Dust, I hate it. Dishes, ditto. Fairies on strike here too. If the child is chlorine allergic, I'm sure there are other methods for pools - one is having a salt water pool I think. But the pool people can let you know. Or there is bromide isn't there? Anyway, the gist is, I'm sure there are alternatives. Funny blog, great writing. I'll be back. Found you by visiting Clare's blog. I'm in New Zealand, so not as far away as lots of the other bloggers out there. I watched the 20 20 match the other night where the Aussies did the Brits over. A record too. It was exciting to watch. My husband's a sports fan too. Lots in common. I'll keep in touch.

Anchell said...

Hee hee hee
Well, I bet it livened up your day if nothing else jen.

Kathleen said...

Thinking of you and the "D" day ... in the meantime think of how good you will feel afterwards, how relieved, how proud and also of the "why" ... to regain complete health.

Do you have someone to come with you?

p.s. I am on strike at my place too!

Word Imp said...

Me again. Last night I posted another comment that was meant for you but somehow reached Clare's blog. It would have been me, not the blogosphere. Probably something to do with the time. Anyway, I can't figure out how to delete it from hers so if you want to see it, it's on her comments and starts being about 50 First Dates. Also, just realised your blog title has another connection with me as I'm writing a book for junior teens about the Rainbow Warrior bombing.

Kristy-Lee said...

You fell in the pool!


OOps, I mean...... are you ok?

Bee said...

i dont like the heat either jen,and i reckon falling in a pool is pretty exciting.

rainbowspirit said...

Falling in the pool WAS very exciting. The kids were all in the pool and nearly drowned themselves from laughing so hard. It was hilarious. And thank you so much for your tender concern Upduff!!!