Monday, 8 January 2007

Ho hum.... sorry but i am boring...

oh dear, what to write, what to write?????

It has been a pretty non eventful few days.

My soul sister and i went for a little drive into town yesterday arvo and spent a small fortune between us on back to school supplies at officeworks. Had a huge laugh though, we manage to laugh at anything when we are together.

She has gone home now... sniff sniff. I will miss her... COME BACK !!!

We are going down to Cowra for a couple of days at the end of the holidays so will have to be content with that.

I had a lovely peaceful time at the Spiritualist Church last night. Kaia was excellent as usual. She speaks and reads from the heart, its obvious to all. I dont get in there much anymore so it was nice to have a little quiet hour or two in the peace in there, specially in the middle of the school holidays.

I honestly cant think of anything interesting to say. 'Cept i got 6 packs of fruit mince pies from coles this arvo for $1 a pack. I LOVE fruit mince pies. They are not the best i have tasted but still, for 17c each, who could complain.

Am going to go and try to get an early night. I have not been in bed before 1am for a few nights now and am starting to feel the effects.

love to all


Anchell said...

Ah hah! A dirty stop in you have been....a drunken bum, a ...oh bugger, I know you havent been any such thing...hope you enjoyed your friends visit!

Cyndy said...

I love my old friends. It doesn't matter if you haven't seen each other for 5 years; when you get together, the years just slip away, as if you saw each other only yesterday. Never mind Jen..Cowra's not too far away... ;))

Jacqui said...

Soul sisters are great, aren't they? Nat and I are like that...
J xXx

Jacqui said...

BTW, how do you get your animations to work...? do you just put it in as a picture? I don't think my angel is working... she's supposed to extend her wings and breathe... can you see her moving or is it just my computer?
J xXx

Kathleen said...

It's perfect to have a "rest" from the hustle and bustle of Christmas/New Year ... so boring you are not!!!

I love mince pies too!