Wednesday, 24 January 2007

Am stuffed - has been a full-on couple of days.

I finally finished the website that i am being paid to create..... phew. What a mission. 50 pages and 671 photographs.... and with the graphic art i made to go on it.... I am SO glad that is over.

Plus getting organised for our trip to the outback to see Pickydilli, the Viking and offspring. I am a List. Well, i am almost a list, I am a few lists really.

Will try to blog more coherently tomorrow.

Am going to bed now.... just wanted to put up a few words to say i am alive and well and still here. Although the school holidays are kinda getting beyond a joke!! whatever were they thinking when they thought of 6 weeks in a row!!! Pft.

Never mind.

Cya Soon
Luv Jen

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