Tuesday, 16 January 2007


Hi all

Thanks for your concern, am ok. Better tonight then last night. Am sorry for being such a baby, but i had horrific experiences at the hands of trainee dentists when i was a child at Ncle Hospital dental clinic. So bad that i have totally avoided all contact with them, only to get a tooth pulled. This is my fourth one, by the way, the only teeth i have had filled are the same four. This is the last one to come out of the four. They are my 6year old molars. My brother drowned when i was 6. He was revived, but was treated like the 'chosen one' by my mother thereafter (he still is really, 35 years later). I am wondering if this is what happened to all my 6yo molars. It is the only thing i can think of that happened at about that age.

Never mind. I am strong. I am protected. I am loved. I will survive this. After all, i have survived the birth of 3 children, i can survive this. I am probably being a bit silly, but we all have our issues dont we. I will have a giant bucket of Emergency Essence to see me through!!!


Cyndy said...

Brave and beautiful, that's you! An interesting idea about the relationship between your molars and your brother; sounds like they are both painful......no offence intended......
I look forward to all the gory details soon! ;)

Picadilly said...

Wish i was there so i could come with you. The poor dentist wouldnt know what hit him!!! Thinking of you, Love C xxx

Amorah said...

Teeth also represent decisions... what did you decide about yourself when you were 6? Perhaps there are some beliefs that it is time to let go of... perhaps the loss of this final molar represents the final breaking free from the decisions you made about yourself and about life at that time. Exciting stuff!

We all know you are strong (btw I am a wuss too) I have not gone to the dentist to have my last baby tooth pulled - yes - I still have a baby tooth and it is wobbly as anything and a bit sore but it will have to do the natural falling out thing - I wonder if the tooth faerie will come to us? I hope so!

Big Hugs, Karen xoxoxox