Monday, 29 January 2007

Back from the outback and it was awesome!!!

We had a great time at Cowra. It was not at all hot, ended up cold even!! Heaps better weather then here, and the company was so good I think I might move down there for good!!!

We had a really good time, and we even made it home after almost being killed 3 times within 5 minutes on Pennant Hills Road Sydney.

Cowra is a great town, I really liked it. We went to the Japanese Gardens for a little look-see. They must have heard we were coming because they drained the main pond to clean it for us, but obviously some unforseen drama occurred and they didn't get it filled in time before we got there - I'm sure they were mega embarrassed about that.

All in all, a great time was had by all - i am just hanging for 10 weeks time when she comes back to Newy for a holiday. Yay, cant wait.

Back to school tomorrow for one out of three. The two high school girls go back on wednesday. I should have been working at school tomorrow but find out today that numbers have dropped and they are unsure of funding so i may not have a job there anymore. Bummer. I am choosing to believe that the window of opportunity that created the position for me in the first place has closed, and a door will soon burst open, bringing with it new possibilities for advancement.....

So in the mean time, am making the most of it and getting out and enjoying myself....

News hot off the press.... Helen Adams, who is speaking at The Cottage on Wednesday evening, has written a book, it is back from the publishers for proof reading. She has asked me to do it for her... with 5 planets in Virgo, who could be better for the job then me??? I start tommorrow... wish me luck. Hmmmm, reading for a living.... I think I could really cope with that!!

Ok, will go and try to finish cleaning up... chat soon

Lotsa luv


Kathleen said...

Awesome news!!!

Amorah said...

So glad you had a wonderful time away! There is good money to be made for a good book editor!!!! Think about it seriously if you enjoy proofing this one! You can create it if you want it!!!!

Hugs, Karen

Lisa said...

hello jennifer-thought id pop over & say hello because i am quiet in blogland you, Lisa x

Anchell said...'re back......AND????