Thursday, 18 January 2007

One for Upduff...

Can you find the baby in this picture.

Hmmmm - have figured out that I have not been able to post pictures since i changed my blog template, then changed it back again. Chose a new one off the list and OUILA!! it works.

Here is the hag i wanted to post last night..... isnt she cute!! Add some specs and i think she looks just like me!!!


Kristy-Lee said...

Took me a while.... but I found it, now I cant look at the picture properly without seeing the baby.

Thats what those things are like though.

Nice hag.

Picadilly said...

Hey Jen, did you get this Breezney email? I thought i would send it to you, things are looking good girl!!!

VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22): I hate greed almost as much as I hate hatred.
So I was mistrustful when your inner teacher hinted that I should look
in the thesaurus under "acquire" for clues to your major themes in the
coming months. There I found words like "amass," "collect," "gather,"
"secure," "earn," and "take possession." After duly meditating on your
astrological aspects, I decided that what your inner teacher was
driving at is this: 2007 should be a time of building up your reserves,
carving out a more substantial niche, and getting the tools and
resources and training that will provide a foundation for your dreams
well into the future. So here's my question to you: Can you engage in
this much acquisition without becoming grasping, predatory, and
manipulative? Personally, I'm sure you can.

Jacqui said...

I like the baby picture, took me a while too though!

Lisa said...

found the baby- how are you dear Jen, surviving the aftermath ?
So glad all went well, i have had a week of dentists as well, lets have a coffee soon.
me x

Kathleen said...

I saw it very quickly, starting with its face, then the rest magically appeared!

Bee said...

wow cool picture found the foot first,cool hag as well.

Cyndy said...

Upduff called you a nice hag!
I love the baby image. There are lots of puzzles in 2 old books that I had as a kid called "Coles Funny Picture Books". I used to pore over them for hours. I was devastated when they came out of storage after Beloved and I moved out of a caravan and into our first home as they had been in a box that suffered water damage and I had to throw them away.....

rainbowspirit said...

Awww cyndy, tragic!!!