Saturday, 6 January 2007

busy busy busy....

The last few days have been as busy as ever. Have had the lovely pleasure of some house guests for the last couple of days. My soul sister is here. She has just taken a teaching job in Cowra and is visiting for a few days.

I have conned her into blogging!!!

hehehe - her soul now belongs to blogger!!! (evil laugh)

kidding!! :-}

check out her blog and please send her some encouragement as she is a bit dubious....

her link is in my side bar or click here

on another note - i will be trying to make it to the spiritualist church to hear Karen tomorrow night. If anyone wants to come along, hot chocolate at Goldbergs will be the thing afterwards. Hope to see you there.

Luv Jen


Picadilly said...

What can i say, consider me conned. I think i could get used to this blogging thing. Hey ive just moved to the country so i have plenty of time on my hands???

Amorah said...

It was lovely to see you Jen! Thanks for coming - Lets seriously see what we can organise for next Saturday evening Hey!?! Hugs, Karen