Saturday, 30 December 2006

Do you know how special i feel to have my own personal astrologer... VERY!!!! Especially a very clever one that knows me better then i know myself. This is GOOD.

I have submitted my daughter for testing by Helen because she (the daughter) is beyond my comprehension. There a quite a few things that need serious looking at and copious amounts of Aussie bush flower essences for. She has her sun squared transiting Pluto which is conjunct the galactic centre. all this in an intercept. no wonder she is screwed up. she needs major grounding. i am onto it. phew - much longer and i would be under it (the ground i mean) - sometimes i am scared she is possessed by some thing evil. scary stuff. and she is only almost 12.

Have been researching this galactic centre / Pluto thingy and found the following page that explains it quite well. Pluto/Galactic Centre stuff. Just in case you would like to investigate it for yourself. It is affecting everyone right now...

Pretty schmick to have your own personal astrologer - just like the kings did in the old days. lol

Looking forward to a kid free time at goldies tomorrow morning..... most schmickest.

Had a very lazy day today. woke up late (8.30) and sat around in my jarmies reading the paper and surfing the net til about lunchtime. went shopping to replace depleted supplies - including copious spuds at 49c per kilo and a ginormous pack of toilet paper (these items are unrelated but cheap)

Ended up at niece and nephews place for another bbq tonight. ahh the luxury of not having to cook for i don't know how many nights in a row. if this goes on much longer, maybe i will forget how to all together. schmick!!!

We are going to my brother's house for a party tomorrow night. there will be 6 adults and 9 kids. aaaggghhhh - outnumbered again. hopefully they wont form a pack and revolt.

I gave up years ago on making any resolutions at new years. its the stuff guilt is made of - so i will NOT be making any this year either.

Well i had better hit the sack and store up some zzzzzzzzzz's for a late night tomorrow night.

See some of you in the morning. To everyone else - may 2007 bring fruition to all your hopes and dreams.

Lotsa luv


Anchell said...

You did say you were king arthur in a previous life right....why not have a personal astrologer. Kira is indeed a challenge. Did you notice thtat these girls seem to build up energy at times like christmas until they must explode eventually? Shelli does this also..powder keg on legs day when this energy is directed into something other than making mothers life hell ...well, watch out world.

rainbowspirit said...

Copious hormones dont help either methinks...

and my name is a derivative of Guenivere .... maybe i was she!! lol

Romy said...

My girl is 12 too!!!She has selective hearing and two useless hands..Happy New Year to you.

Lisa said...

king athur and guinevere- maybe thats where we are related jen- of -the- no -pants- i was/am igraine and achell was morgause........we are special too

rainbowspirit said...

i was SO there Lisa - that must be it!!!