Sunday, 24 December 2006

Things I LOVE about Xmas

  • The faces of the children when they wake up and see all the gifts under the tree.

  • Getting together with the whole family, happens rarely.

  • Seeing my older half brother who lives in Sydney and comes up on Boxing Day with his daughters.

  • Buying gifts for people and seeing them appreciate the thought i have put into selecting just the right gift for them.

  • The peace and calm between the opening of gifts in the morning and everyone getting here for lunch.

  • My fridge and freezer being absolutely chock-o-block. Satisfying.

  • Geting together with friends, and the reminiscing that goes with it.

  • Egan's Xmas Mohawk - has become a yearly tradition which gets cut off the week before school goes back. He looks like such a little bruiser.

  • Fairy lights and decorations on houses - the amount of effort some people go to is amazing, and very much appreciated - especially by children.

  • Boxing day - in all its no expectations, no pressure, boring glory.

Things I HATE about Xmas

  • Shopping.... endless shopping...

  • Getting together with the whole family.

  • The rubbish left behind and the wizbin that never holds it all, so it hangs around for a week or two waiting to fit...

  • The pressure of having to think of something to buy for so many people, it does my head in.

  • The amount of money it costs - I have spent almost $400 on groceries alone in this last few days let alone the hundreds (I don't want to add it up) of $$$ on pressies.

  • Cleaning. The whole house needs to be cleaned from top to bottom. Aaaaggghhhh - send in the clowns.

  • Wearing a hole in the carpet after needing to go and sit the corner and rock after being at overcrowded shopping centres filled with crazed obsessed demons all trying to snag last minute bargains.

  • The pace of life - it is absolutely manic. Everyone is so so busy and there is no time to sniff roses.

  • Blogland being so quiet due to the aforementioned point.

  • That so many people suffer for so many reasons at this time of year - loneliness, bad memories, lack of money, family issues..... this list could go on and on....

  • The horrible nagging feeling that i have forgotten something or someone and that it is all too late - like batteries.... do i have all the batteries....

  • That the whole reason for celebrating this day, regardless of your creed, has been lost in the huge capitalist, commercial consumerism, of more more more....

  • Xmas cards. I have given up sending out cards but feel guilt when i receive them. It is much cheaper to give the senders a phone call and a personal wish and doesn't use any trees.

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Anchell said...

Merry xams jen...zzzzzzzzzz