Thursday, 7 December 2006

The Captain, shopping and schmick new pendants....

Am sitting here waiting the imminent arrival of the most excellent captain of all white goods. Have a very long list of jobs for him, not least the possible straightening of my wonky bush.

Have been very busy today (will go into more details about that later) and am hoping that Captain Kade can relate to the following badge......
Have managed to tame the savage beast somewhat, but who has time to clean when there is the emptying of bank accounts in preparation for the looming SPF to be done.

Have resigned myself to being a 'Non-Domestic Type Goddess' and have just registered the term with the relevant authorities. A brass plaque is apparently in the post. Franchises available soon.

I did a really silly thing today - I actually went to Charlestown Square!!! Idiot!!! With the intention of emptying out my bank account and to finish off purchasing all the gifts I still have to get for the *%$#ing SPF.

Well i walked and looked and looked and walked. I went and bought a latte to try and get my head around it all, got crash tackled by some crusty old man, who thought ramming me in the attempt to get a green plastic spoon was worth the risk of knocking me and my Latte over. That was after he pushed in and ordered before me - not surprising, i am always invisible at counters, with shop assistants actually looking over me to serve the person behind me. Double plurgh.

So i spent 1.5 hours getting one bloody thing.

I had a most lovely visit or two with Marys Raihn and Renata - and spotted the famous Barramundi Man!!! ewwwww - nice hat (not!!)

Went into Big Dubya and totally cleaned up and was a bit pissed at that because I COULD HAVE DONE THAT AT JESMOND with a fraction of the pain!!!!

Anyway, long story short, still have some things to buy, but feeling less stressed now.

I picked a couple of kids up from school this afternoon (mine... not random ones... ) and was presented with this awesomely schmick pendant from my Yr 8 daughter. She designed it herself and made it in D&T. It is made with real silver and everything (since when did public schools have enough money for real silver to throw at hormone filled teenagers).

I took this picky to show you -

What a clever girl eh!!!
Please note that it is resting on my new pink pillow!! Double schmick. I came home from that maniac shopping centre and sat in a corner, on my new pillow, and rocked!!

An hour later - the most loveliest and schmickest Captain has just left. He inspected my oven and can fix it for me!! So no need to measure my hole. He checked out my air conditioner unit which needs moving and hopped straight on the phone to one of his deputies who will be able to move the silly thing for a most reasonable price. I am a happy girl. Even though he is scared of heights, he climbed on my roof, didn't break even one tile, and got me a decent reception on my telly for channel 3 and thinks i need to get a new aerial to get the other channels. He even tuned the telly in and he didn't need the instruction book!! Clever Captain. Just before he left he straightened my bush (so you can all stop ripping me off now), it is still dusty and untidy but now much straighter!! Is there anything that man can't do!!
Well i better go and let the kids out of their cupboards and feed them i suppose.
Ta ta for now


Kristy-Lee said...

Isnt he wonderful! I like him alot.

So glad you now have a straight bush. How embarrassing. Although, I would rather have a huge wonky bush, than a way too tidy and trimmed, mini, compact bush.

For sure.

Anchell said...

Ahairyarse! Much goodest captain for sure. Much goodest dodda and much best mudda too. Nice cushion,best necklace, straight bush, fathomless hole....what more could a woman want?

Raihn said...

thrilled for you 7 eileen to ministered to by the Captain of all things white & good & even making a trip to the roof & tuning without instructions.......what a boy........what a clever upduff to make babies with very impressed----love the pink cush, the silver neclace the blocked hole & the newly straightened festivus bush- am proud & delirious and truly dont know why---tis the season I you can go back to seeing ray dineen without the bananas - keep on rocking Jen & I ll sign up for a franchise for sure........

rainbowspirit said...

you are ahairyarse too!!!

Rylah said...

Glad your bush is straightened... lucky he didn't have to measure your hole while he was there....