Wednesday, 5 November 2008


To be here on earth at this time feels truly amazing...

This is a time in history that we will be telling our grandchildren about, great grand children even

Barack in the white house - how cool. Lets hope he isnt a closet dickhead - I dont think so, at least I hope not

Most good day for me too

Had an excellent day at work - picked up my $12 winnings from yesterdays sweep winnings.

Brilliant stuff

Had a very funny day as the two bosses are away, and, when the cat's away, the mice will play. Most definately. Very funny. Very cool. First day I have enjoyed there.

Kid K has Scoliosis. Had appointment yesteday. Mild though - given her some stretching exercises to do. She needs to keep her back strong - which it is anyway - her ballet teacher says hers is the strongest back at the studio - so we are on the right track there. It makes you wonder if things would be a different story if she hadnt been so active and strong all these years. Hmmmm

SHIT - I have TWO seeds to do before tomorrow morning. Better get cracking!!!


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