Saturday, 22 November 2008

not good

been to the doctor today... got stitches too


she split the underside of her right big toe - the whole length.


doctor says she will be able to dance - that the stitches wont pop open (she tested it under the local anesthetic) - it is jut the pain factor ............


still no all day rehearsal tomorrow and possibly no performance on friday night, depending on how sore it is after she does whatever she can on thursday night (the important one). she has the main part in 4 of the 8 dances she is in - pirouettes etc... it is incredibly beautiful and a huge amount of hard work for the last twelve months leading up to this. not to mention the money factor (not only tickets). fark

definately no semi for touch footy on wed night.

what a week for this to happen

thank you so much for the healing... keep it coming



Lisa said...

you have to wonder about the timing of all this......
somewhere in there is a message i imagine x

Natalie said...

Love the photo, found one of our girls when they were little and my haven't they grown up?

My big girl couldn't believe the beautiful dancer was special K.

(In a good way :) )

Jen said...

Thanks guys - yeah lisa, i agree. Though - if it is one thing this kid is incredible at - that is rising to a challenge. She states that she doesnt care if she is dancing with tears rolling down her cheeks, she is dancing. She will not let everybody down. She has already been practicing pirouettes on her left foot, just in case.

Had photos out a while ago too Nat, yeah i had the same thought - no wonder they survived - they were soooo cute!!!

Myst_72 said...

I hope all went well,


Faerie said...

Thinking of all of you xxxx