Saturday, 29 November 2008

Found this.....

The mind judges
The heart accepts
The mind wants to control everything
The heart allows things to be as they are
The mind resists
The heart flows
The mind thrives in conflict
The heart thrives on love
The mind has fear
The heart has love
The mind leads to suffering
The heart leads to joy
The mind has limits
The heart is unlimited
The mind wants to change everything
The heart is fine with everything

This is very beautiful - but I am not sure how attainable to the actual HUMAN person. I think that if we could live this (in truth, and fully consciously) then our mission would be complete and the journey over.

I wonder if this kind of writing is an example of what keeps people in 'guilt' and so controlled - because anyone living a 'real' life with partners, and children, and work, and family, and shopping centres, and study, etc find themselves bombarded continually by tests and challenges which attack our best intentions and if and when we 'fail' to live the perfect response - we feel like we have failed....... and so may suffer guilt. If we were totally alone, or we could choose when to socialise with others, if we didnt need to shop or work or parent or partner or play etc, then it would be oh so easy. Those people who can live 'in a cave' are few and far between.

Am seeing so much in a different light lately - and some spiritual 'teachings' or 'concepts' (just labels) are keeping people in chains, just as much as the organised religions can.

While ever we look outside ourselves..... while ever we go outside our own heart and mind..... while ever......... hmmm

maybe it is just me. maybe i see this kind of thing and sit and read and try to absorb and 'measure' myself up - to understand.... and then i realise that i dont think i will ever live up to this. that i will get frustrated and annoyed. i will feel fear and i will judge. I will suffer and i will try to control something that i shouldnt. But you know what - thats ok. because I AM HUMAN. I am sick of feeling GUILT because i dont measure up. I see it in others too.

DONT BELIEVE THE BLURB. Seek within. This is the only thing i am listening to from now on. Well, i will try (and if i 'fail' - so be it).

I feel the 'disapproval' of others (and i dont mean anyone who would be reading this, its mostly relatives), or if they really, really piss me off - and if they are my 'mirrors' then it must be something in me that pisses me off or is 'disapproving'. What a load of crap. I am not taking this on ANY MORE. Their 'disapproval' is their own shit - get over it. And if they continue to 'piss me off' then they can piss off.

Hmmm - ranting yes.

Maybe i am more sensitive than some. Maybe i have lower self esteem than some. Maybe things mean something different to you then it does to me. Well - tough. Because this is me and this is who i am and there is nothing wrong with me. I have to (just like you and everyone else) learn how to operate THIS mind and THIS heart and THIS body - which is totally different to yours or anyone elses. Things that matter to me - may not matter to you. You may not understand this but - not my problem. What matters is that I can look within and learn, i need to learn how to live in a society of flawed humans who are all searching for their own truths - which have nothing to do with me. If i can help someone - then i will do so gleefully. If i need help i will ask for it.

I will stop now



Anonymous said...

It's not just you...

God, you practically just spelled out everything I think.

Here, here.

Jen said...

I just re read when i published Jac's comment.

This doesnt mean that i am blameless - i am so not. Just that whatever i have to learn is mine. Not related (usually) to whatever is going on in someone elses life. I still have to work towards being the best possible person i can be with what ever challenges and tests are put before me, using the strengths and weaknesses that i have chosen for myself in this incarnation.

ok - rant really over now.


Natalie said...

Guilt and shame leave you paralysed anyway. You can't grow if you are frozen in fear.

Cyndy said...

Well ranted & rambled, Jen... ;0)

Anchell said...



Woo hoo