Sunday, 2 November 2008


I have just looked back at my posts over the past few weeks...

I have certainly been on a journey and a half

it continues... and as I read what I had written, and also remembered what I had not  written...... I know that i have made it a long way forward from where i was.

Although, in some ways it feels like I am behind..... I can feel the growth that has been made within myself.

Its funny how sometimes finding the answers to some questions, creates more questions.

Pandoras box contains another box... then another ... than another. like russian dolls.

Thanks for putting up with me :)

I am so lucky

At least I know that amongst sisters and friends who are on journeys of their own, a person who is struggling with an issue will be allowed to find their way without judgement being made. We realise that sometimes something can be overwhelming and know that people make mistakes. I know I have made mistakes, and been overwhelmed, and not had the right words to explain the overwhelming feelings. This is part of my growth and I have done the best I could do with what I had at the time. Sometimes I have just been plain scared...... but thats another story.

Oh well

Its another week upon us

I am working every day except Thursday and am looking forward to going to group.

Hope you are all ok

Luv me


Anchell said...

Its really hard to read the pink in the side bar whinge whinge whinge

Yes to ponderings.

Jen said...

best I can do chelle...

scroll them up - might help


Faerie said...

... and I gonna see ya on Thursday too!

That's gotta put a smile on your dial!