Tuesday, 25 November 2008

Dragging myself through...


what a week it has been

now got a sick boy - some virus thing
hallucinating etc. not fun

k walking on her stitches. pirouetting on the outside edge of her foot. will be there on thursday night without a doubt.  she is incredible and brave and strong. and determined. all the things that make her impossible to parent without a struggle. one day she will be something or someone important for sure.

thanks heaps for all of the healing - it has obviously worked. you are amazing.

have been booked to work the last three weeks of term - this starts next week. yay money wise - boo social wise. I have hardly done any spf shoppping and have no idea of what to buy anyway. scary stuff.

feeling a tad overwhelmed at the moment

just a little bit toooo much to have to deal with.

going now

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Anchell said...

Know the feeling

Superwoman yes