Sunday, 16 November 2008

Domestic Goddess

I am not!!!!!!

Sometimes i wish i was... just a little bit....

House looks like a bomb has dropped ..... oh dear

I soooo should not be sitting here. I should be doing SOMETHING.... anything...


Not much to say today - just checking in.

Monkey mind update
Have devised a visualisation for myself that seems to be helping so far with out of control brain. Although I havent had a very challenging test for it - so will see....

Working up the courage to go and visit the Super Salesman. I think the personal approach is better. Scary though. Must go today too. Should get going and get it over with, before i get too worked up. Oh dear. Confrontation scares me - I will be doing everything I can to avoid it turning into a fight. Will just walk away if necessary.

best go - have to pick up boy child from a birthday party.


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