Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Ok... more photos.

This is one of my favourite places at the Monastery. It is through the chapel door from inside. Notice my slippers there on the mat. I had a fascination with doorways while I was there. You might notice that as this post goes on. :D
This is my tarot card bag and folder. The image on the front is a mandala I drew. It represents aspects of me. They just looked pretty and purple on the table together.. a Kodak moment. 
I took up some rose quartz to charge on the altar. The reflection is the stained glass windows, pretty. The flowers were picked by Diana and myself... we wandered around outside for a while. Bliss. 
A fire. Excellent. I love this picture. I particularly love the little baby flame in the middle of the image on the twig. Cute.
 Another doorway. This one is from inside the main hallway leading to the sleeping cells.
This is through another doorway. It leads to the garden which is outside the kitchen window. It is lovely and peaceful. Excellent. 
Lisa is looking at her camera at the most flattering photo of me in my jarmies. So I got her too.
Here I cropped out her bum. She bent right over there to look at her fiery creation and I couldnt help but snap this shot. 
Here she is again (camera hog) doing some bookwork. I dont know what it is cause she wouldnt let me see. Hmmm.....
 Lounge room on Saturday night. Rentata and Heidi were playing Trivial Pursuit. I should have played because I (we) couldnt help but whisper (ish) the answers.
This cute little leadlight nativity scene thingy was on the windowsill in the chapel. I liked it for some reason. 
Notice Heidi making the W symbol to our own WW. Ha 
Lisa was reading. Noice header image Lisa!!

Debs old room with the painting on the wall that she did last time we were up there. 
I have lots more door images that I will upload another time. 
Thats enough for today.
 Take care
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Hippy Witch said...

I want more, put them on your face book

Michelle said...

Clever you....nice pics!

Lisa said...

i like the ones of me !

Sarah Lulu said...

Wonderful photos.

jewell said...

brings back some great memories re playing the card game of fairy's

Natalie said...

Some of those shots were truly beautiful. Love the first door, the fire and the Crystals.xx♥

Anonymous said...

Wow! These are fantastic Jen! I love the door pics, the fire, the rose quartz - you really have a talent!

Kim said...

I agree with Natalie, really beautiful captures! Sounds like a wonderful place!