Saturday, 3 May 2008



sat nite

going to bed

stop bullying me 'chelle, you random blogger you

will blog tomorrow

  • what is worrying chelle
  • who is worrying lisa
  • how renata has fooled us all this time
  • if jacqui is ok
  • if twist is enjoying her honeymoon
  • why cyndy hasnt posted after eight
  • how come cindy hasnt sent me the link to her soul collage blog
  • where faerie gets her inspiration from
  • why deb picks on me so much
  • why doesnt diana blog more
  • how much longer i can go without falling asleep


Faerie said...

I got into bed around 8pm as I was falling asleep ... I think I may get my inspiration from getting up before anyone one else on the planet methinks!

Hippy Witch said...

I blogged for you, don't forget to read my blog

Anonymous said...

Us aliens have a great ability to get around incognito!Plus I usually have my head up my own arse and no one can see me. This is a Phartian technique when you do not want to be noticed. Works well.....anytime you do not see can be assurred that I am somewhere with my head up my arse.w.w.

Lisa said...

you are worrying too much. fairy's inspiration is divinly given so dont even try to understand that, renata is the way of all phartians- one puff and she is gone, shell is obviously having a raging bonking affair with a Lemon tree back passage businessman, diana is too busy being a scrubber to blog, deb picks on you becasue you pick on her, and i am intense and beyond human understanding- Twist is no doubt suriving the honeymoon on wheels which means she willbe back tomorrow, and the cyndys are busy- Jac is ok and will continue to get better.........any more ?

Lisa said...

tell me how to add a blog list like yours wench !!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Jacqui is ok and getting ok-er by the day! :)
How are YOU?

Anchell said...


and I hate BIG BROTHER.....what idiot invented such crap?

Jen said...

um.... was the Big Brother thing a bit random Chelle or am i missing something....

Lisa said...

jen, tell me how to getthe blog list thing that shows recent posts