Sunday, 4 May 2008

The link thing

Ok Lisa - this is how i did it...

Go to your dashboard and scroll down to the stuff that they write below where you go into your blog.

There is a link there called 'blogger in draft'. Click on this link and you will go to a blog with all the changes they are going to make soon.

Scroll down to the entry dated February 12 2008.

Scroll down this post til you reach the link for

Click on that one and it will take you to your blog in the draft blogger mode. You may have to sign in again.

Click on the link to the Template of your blog

Click on the 'add gadget' thingy

Choose 'blog list'

add links

you are done


phew, now can I get back to finishing my homework now???


Myst_72 said...

Thanks Jen!!

I have done just that!

Can I add you to my list?


Jen said...

No problem G.. be honoured.