Thursday, 29 May 2008

I love my sisters - you are the absolute best

What would i ever do without you

I have spent an afternoon deep in thought interspersed with lots of tears

I feel both empowered and terrified

failure is not an option

we have an appointment with the Adolescent Mental Health Team tomorrow morning at 9am. Please send along whatever energy you feel is appropriate for us then.

will keep you posted

thank you


Lisa said...

no failure
just lessons
you will be right
as strong as you are
you are well loved
and supported

Faerie said...

Will be thinking of you from south of the border!


Anonymous said...

love to you and the adolescent troublemaker...w.w.

Anchell said...

Oh good. Thats great Jen. Sending you all good stuff. And Airlie too!

Anonymous said...

Forever your child,forever your blood, forever in your heart - once you have all crossed the line ending this challenge and test of FAITH - when on looking back a great respect and appreciation of life and family will shine bright. (O: