Friday, 30 May 2008

Bad language warning

Oh i am soooooooooooooo pissed off

that dickhead, that works in the Community Adolescent Mental Health team is a fucking idiot.

I am way too angry here to make sense

He has just TOTALLY fucked up any chance for her to get any help



sorry - am ranting here

am waiting for a return phone call from the Service Manager of the entire unit.


chances blown


sorry - i did warn you i would swear

maybe later i will come back and replace them with asterisk's or something

here is a few points

  • he was dithering and uncertain when we arrived
  • he sat and stared at her for probably 30 seconds between ineffectual questions, making ME uncomfortable, let alone her
  • he asked HER if she needed help (take a look at that arm buddy) and when she said 'no' he said ok... session lasted 17 minutes
  • I had to suggest to him that he try to give her some ways to deal with her anger and strong emotions, fuck, are they going to pay ME for that...
  • he did not try, at all, to put her at ease, or make her feel comfortable enough to talk
  • he told her that she didnt have any mental health issues and would need no medication - BASED ON WHAT YOU FUCKWIT (she is definately obsessive and probably at least co-dependent, i dont think she needs medication either, but she DEFINATELY needs help) now she has just had her denial confirmed, there is no problem with her, and it is me that has the issue. FARK

I would like to know what 'qualifications' this dickhead has. I had more of an idea of what to say then him, and i have NO qualifications. Pity she wont talk to me.

I took her there because i thought (clearly wrongly) that these people would be dealing with teenagers on a day to day basis and know how to make them feel comfortable enought to talk.

He just rang

apparently the fuckwit counsellor we saw is the one that TRAINS THESE PEOPLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Goddess help us. and our children. He has no answers. Nothing except to offer to get a female to talk to her. Yeah, as if she is going to put herself through that again.

oh well

i guess it is all up to me now

how do i do that when she refuses to talk with me and just gets angry if i try

am going now to stomp and rant and rave and swear for a while


Kristy said...

Sometimes these guys seem to want to 'play down' a situation so as to not start the mindset of being 'mentally ill'.

I think they look at it as a lot of kids cut these days for attention, but they dont want to make them feel like they are ill or cant cope with it themselves.

Which is crap.

If you are so in need of attention that you are cutting, you need help.

They are turning it into a normal reaction which it is not.

I have a social worker friend at the hospital that I can ask about this. Just for advice.

Unbelievable. How helpless you must feel.

Thinking of you.

Anchell said...

Well. This may be the time ytou have to start ringing around and finding somewhere yourself. Government departments are full of shit. This we know.
Get on the phone Jen, there is a place in Stockton called rainbow cottage or something...there is a place to start. I know they used to do adolescent counselling. As for Airlie...lay down the rules if poss. Find somewhere first that you like, you go see them, and them make her do a deal, you go 6 times and then we will blah blah blah. I know Im bossy but im pissed off for you now. Just keep ringing till you get an answer,,ring lifeline!

Cyndy said...

Fark, Jen.

And again; Fark. I will swear and rant with you for a bit.

He's not the only guy in town. Have you got a GP that can help; someone that Airlie trusts? It's very normal and OK that she doesn't want to talk to you; some things are easier in front of a stranger.

He's a prize pratt, that one! My cousin gave me the name of a counsellor, who may be a psychologist, I'm not sure; a rather nice lady at Warners Bay, I think. We haven't utilized her services yet, but she's a plan B if we need her. It's hard to convince someone that they need help, but at least you're aware of the need. I have a friend who has been struggling with her 15yr old daughter for over 2 years now, but MUM is resistant to counselling... She won't even suggest it to her daughter, who, in my very humble opinion, is a ticking time bomb.... she's changed schools, re-decorated the kid's room, aquiesced to all her daughter's needs, and still can't do too much right in her own opinion. I think they both need help......
Hang on in there, Jen. You're only scratching the surface right now. Your escape plan might have to bubble away in the background for a bit. This is something that the family needs to do together.

And you really are strong, you know.

Love to you.

And it's such a pleasure over here listening to your music. You and I should have a "music appreciation" night, whilst looking at the world through some Red or white wine-coloured glasses....

Anonymous said...

I can give her a go if you like.....she may see me as one of your freaky friends though...w.w.

Jen said...

thanks guys - and renata, will try and broach the subject. very very delicate at the moment... i dont think she realises that my friends are as freaky as they actually are... i mean that in the most loving way, and also include myself of course... lol