Monday, 12 May 2008

the days roll on

My planets have been out of alignment or something the last few days... am off kilter or something.

Things have been teetering between just ok and shit.

Friday was a 'shit' day. I had a meeting with Kira's teachers re her behaviour. Yep - little ol me and 11 HIGH SCHOOL TEACHERS - all locked in a little room while they ripped my daughter to shreds and i tried to defend her. Well, I didn't totally defend her, she has some part to play certainly, but i tried to convince them to be PROFESSIONAL!! And treat her like the child she is. and stop PICKING ON HER. I think i did really well actually, to keep my calm, and keep my focus. Her dragon of a maths teacher, who had a really really shit attitude, spat at me at one point, 'she didn't make an effort last term, it was the medication working'. Grrrrrrrrr. I said 'pardon me, but the medication only gives her the ABILITY to focus, she still has to make an EFFORT to do it, and if provoked, or picked upon, she will still go toe-to-toe with your or me or anyone else'. fucking cow. I had nightmares about that cow on Friday night. There was a couple of teachers who were positive and supportive and obviously wanted to help and try and understand. so that makes 3 out of 11 who are supportive and another 8 that are total shitheads. No wonder some high school teachers have a hard time controlling these kids.

Saturday i rolled up at the cottage to make some gorgeous sparkly things for Cultural Stomp on Sunday. I was a bit a lot feral, I said a couple of lot of swear words. Oh dear.... it had been a bit of a shitty day and busy and stuff and i had an absolute gutful. Everywhere I went for everything, it was sold out. aaaaaaagggggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhh.... so i had a meltdown. ahem. sorry guys. apparently you have to grow older, but you can stay immature indefinitely.

Yesterday was fine. Lunch was yummy. I got a packet of chux and a plastic back massager for my present. Both from schools mothers day stall. Noice. (bit mystified why the p&c ladies would put a packet of chux on the table, least it was wrapped in a nice piece of cellophane).

Had a delicious lunch today with Lea and Rhonda, we went to darby st, latte at Goldbergs and along came Carl Barron to the table next to us, he is cute but not as funny as us.

Oh well... working tomorrow so i should go to bed. yay.

also, lisa if you see this, am working thursday and friday too, so i guess i will miss this weeks lesson, i will come along next tuesday night instead?? So will the craft for the lunar group be next week??

sweet dreams my friends


Myst_72 said...

How awful Jen.

They sound like a pack of bullies.
No wonder kids give them a hard time, do they think they don't pick up on their attitudes?
Not sure which medication your daughter is on but you're quite right - she needs to WANT to focus, hard to do without support.

Some of the attitudes I copped from teachers when Z16 was in primary school were nothing short of atrocious - and I seriously considered removing him from the school. It was only that he had such great peer support that I didn't, and wasn't going to punish him further. At the time there were 28 kids in his school taking similar medication - is it too much to expect them to actually learn how to work effectively with these kids???
As far as high school goes, I didn't really tell them about his ADD unless I had to - you wouldn't think in 'modern' society there would be 'categorisation' - oh but there is! Sad but true.

Off my high horse subject that fires me up!!



Cyndy said...

Well, Jen. That sucks. Big time. I had a similar experience when Sboy was in yr 7. And 8. etc etc etc And now it continues with VB. Although not in such a confrontational manner as this. I live with the fact that they "will not reach their potential..."... well, it still sounds better than what you've had to deal with. I cannot make these kids to what is expected of them. Expectations are simply that.
But it's still a bitter pill to swallow. You just don't give up. And encourage the GOOD teachers to keep up the good work, because they deserve a big "Hurrah" for what they do.

And growing up is very, very over-rated.....

Love to you, Jen. ;0)