Monday, 28 April 2008


Ok, I have been tagged by Blogmuggle!!

Here are 8 random things about me.....

1. I have always had a squishy pillow that i cuddle to get to sleep - and i cant sleep without it.

2. I have lots of food 'issues' - GM, additives, hormones etc. Also - i have to sniff that the milk is ok every time i use it.

3. I hate shoes, and never wear them except when I go out, only if it is really, really cold, then I will put on a pair of slippers.

4. My favourite Simpsons character is Ralph. He totally cracks me up.

5. I am NOT a domestic goddess!

6. I wish I had gone to university to become an Architect after I left school... now I fear it is too late.

7. I owned my first pushbike when I bought it myself at age 18 - my parents bought my brother one when he was 12. I didnt get one because I WAS A GIRL!! :

8. My (totally clueless) daughter reckons I look like a witch because of my hair!!

Ok, that was harder then I thought.

I tag
Hee hee


Kathy said...

You are never to old to learn something new!!! (My mum is doing an external degree through UNE and she is close to 60!)

Woohooo ... Thursday sounds great!!!

Cyndy said...

Ditto with the pushbike thing. I was sooo excited leading up to my 10th birthday, because my brother had received a beautiful, shiny green Malvern star on his 10th b'day.....
Instead, Beloved bought me a flashy pink K-mart bike when I was 22! I looked rather stunning riding it around town and to work.... except that I kept falling off it. Maybe my olds were right..... don't you hate that????

Anchell said...

Oh for only coming by here to check the feed now....grrrrr