Wednesday, 16 April 2008

I survived...... barely


Someone once said that the reason we have childrens parties is to realise that there are worse kids out there then our own.

They knew their stuff, whoever they were.

Shit small boys are awful.

They are totally gross and grubby and loud

they call each other rude names and try to wrestle each other through the floor - constantly

someone, (me), put party whistles on the table with lunch. they lasted about 3 minutes before my ears were bleeding and i had to go and confiscate the lot!!

on a good note, the party was from 12 - 3pm, and we got til 2.57 before someone punched someone else hard in the face. ('f#cking prick' was screamed during a soccer match within the first half hour).... and they are 8. what will they do when they are 15?? any clues??

oh well, my feet are sore and i have a headache just lingering on the edge of my head.

looking forward to going to yaad tomorrow even though mother superior wont be there, apparently dropping 4 dress sizes overnight.

going now

hugs to you



Anonymous said...

So not happening at my house...Lucky

Cyndy said...

The eye of the tiger...... in the eye of the storm.... 8 yr old boys???? YUK!

The Tall Red Head said...

Yes. I know the son calls people fuckface at the moment. Charming. And he is nearly 9....imagine it at 15. I don't want to.

Hippy Witch said...

I remember those parties with my younger one, I don't know what will happen when they get older because my older son was not like a normal boy, he was always caring and sensible, even when he was 15, not normal I know, but I wasn't complaining. I suffer now with this child, he is such a boy. pooooooooooooooo