Monday, 14 April 2008


school holidays

for this occasion, i will post an old favourite, most apt for the occasion i think...

shit, blogger is misbehaving too.

cant get the image dialogue box to come up.

story of my life.

My Soul Sister is here

visiting for the week, going home on friday.

much celebrating to be done for sure.

Egan is 8 on Wednesday

and having a party

at home

OMG - what have i done

too late

invitations are out.

8 x 8yo boys........ yippeeeeeeeeee


going now

rambling about shit

Feeling for Muggle and her family

I hope everything went as well as could be expected today

Another of lifes hurdles to be surmounted.

My heart goes out to you all.

bye now


hang on - will try again to upload the image....
Success!!! here tis


Kathleen said...

Hello SoulSister of Jen ... I'm gonna meet ya on Thursdee, get your scissors, glue, images and board ready!!!

Happy Birthdee to 8yr old, don't partee too hard : )

I'm being silly today lol!

Anonymous said...

Who are you calling an evil troll?
How about sharing your "friend" and lets all have a coffee date?Lucky

Cyndy said...

Hahahah; I love that!

And thanks for your thoughts, Jen.

All is as it should be.

Cyndy said...