Friday, 11 April 2008

bullied again!!!

Well.... someone is POINTING A FINGER??? And bullying us to blog.

I agree, blogging regularly is definately NOT one of my strong points. Though I have been making more cards and posting them. Go take a look - here. So much fun. I got into a frenzy. Much good.



School holidays start. Thats all I am going to say about that. Plurgh x 1545186481618615.

Had a nice day yesterday. Major breakthrough. I went out for lunch with the girls from work at the Brewery and LEFT MY THREE KIDS AT HOME ALONE. Wow. I just told them that the last one standing had to call the police. And guess what. They were fine. Shit. Thank the Goddess. I am finally - after almost 16 years - able to leave the house and my kids behind alone. Well, not entirely true - i have been able to leave the older girls alone for ages, but i have always had to take boxhead with me. YAY. And i had a most EXCELLENT lunch with the girls. They are frikkin hilarious. I had lunch before i left so i could just order an entree in there - but one of the girls had an entertainment book voucher that meant my entree was soooo cheap. Good job. I didn t go for the food, just the company, and it totally was awesome. I am so blessed to work with such amazing women. Some schools that i have worked at have sargent major office managers - total nazi's. It certainly makes a difference when the staff are nice, and easy to get along with. And even though i am only very casual, they still invite me to all their school holiday get togethers. AND i got invited to last day of term after school drinks on thursday by the principal. Its so nice to feel part of the group. Love it.

Well, i have to go and clean my house a bit, diana has made me feel guilty, and then go shopping for boxhead's birthday. He will be 8 on wednesday.

Kira is at a party and Airlie has a friend over that slept last night. They are in the loungeroom watching some horror movie - so i am typing with my ears firmly shut and eyes not looking towards the telly. I will get nightmares tonight probably now.

going to do something.......

or not.....

holidays are upon us......


see you tonight.... yay (for real this time)


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