Friday, 18 April 2008

Day 8

Ok - we have made it this far.... sure to see it to the end.

Had a massive sleep in this morning - slept til 10.15. My first of the holidays as Egan has been doing a soccer clinic all week that starts at 9am - how did i get sucked into that one. So all week i have been getting up early and dragging him out of bed.... just like school days. So I made the most of today, and slept and slept. Ahhhh, luxury.

Thanks for all your supportive comments re the party this week, boys are certainly another species. Escpecially small ones. I dont get it, not at all. Anyway, it is over now for another year now. Dont think i will be having another party at home in a hurry.

Have a funeral to go to next tuesday. My older half-brother's mother (we share the same dad) passed over yesterday. He and I are quite close and will be going along to support him. I probably wont know many people there, and dont like funerals much, but have organised Egan a 'play date' and all will be well. She was an amazing artist and worked a lot with bark, creating landscapes entirely out of different shades of paperbark. They are quite awesome and i might ask my brother if there is a small one he would let me have. Anyway, the cycle of life is turning once again.

Cindy goes home today..... very sad. Shame we had no time for a coffee somewhere - but this trip was much more filled to the brim and busy then her trips up here usually are for some reason. We saw her off from here yesterday afternoon, Egan and her are very close, and he just sat and sobbed his little heart out. Usually he starts after she leaves, but this time he couldnt contain himself. Poor little thing - he truly is a sensitive little boofhead.
We had a couple of hours of SoulCollage yesterday - nowhere near enough time - but Cindy has been making some cards at home, and really wanted to be inspired in a group situation and we took the opportunity to ask along our own almostsoulcollagefacilitator Faerie to come along and inspire her. Achieved that mission for sure. We made a couple of cards, one of which was an exercise with 'make a card from images out of one magazine within 30 mins' oh and we could only go through the magazine once - hard. Once we went through it, we had to put it aside and make the card just with the images we collected. Fun. Interesting. Will do it again for sure.

hope everyone is enjoying the joyous experience that is affectionately known as 'school holidays'.

luv jen


Kathleen said...

A very enjoyable afternoon!

... Your pumpkin soup bubbling away made me sooooo hungry!!!

And guess what? I had a telephone company come to the door to sell me a better deal when I got home!

Hope little one is ok now ; )

Hippy Witch said...

It's about time you got to sleep in

Hippy Witch said...

how did you get such a pretty blog, why can't we have pretty blogs?

Jen said...

yes Kathy, he is fine now - thanks.

and i totally enjoyed it diana, and re the pretty blog - i just mucked around with the colours and created an image as a header and inserted it!! easy

happy to help if you want

Anonymous said...

I want a pretty blog too!!!!!!!Lucky

Bee said...

me to me to,,,