Monday, 21 July 2008

defining me....

an interesting project - and a challenge to all you mary's out there - create your own wordle - define you

STILL dont have my computer... very sad

at least i have this old dinosaur to use - bit slow though, must... pedal.... harder.......

on the other hand - i cant sleep til i want to get up - a school holiday luxury
and am working tomorrow - will look forward to wednesday so i can do what i wanna do, be what i wanna be yeah... oohh
looking forward to group tomorrow night
serious issues to be discussed there - you should come - really

Sunday, 20 July 2008

Soul aspects - more thought....

I have been thinking still about the soul thing that we talked about at last weeks group. In particular, the astrology aspect, as you know i am into that.

I think we forgot to take into account free will. and how we assumed that we would complete the lessons of the sign we are born into in any lifetime. because, here i am - living proof - that we can struggle indefinately to live up to our sign. I have known that i have a mission to become more 'virgo' in this lifetime and have known it for more then a decade. yet still, would rather live 'in my head' - without really getting it. if i died tomorrow, i would have to do the virgo thing again, (i have blown it before, this i know) until i learn it and live it. so - on the subject of say, twins etc. and there only being one aspect of a soul in a sign at any one time, and completing the whole 'wheel' so to speak - i have come to the following conclusion.

I accept the 12 aspects of soul is real. one stays on high and the others are out there living in 3d. i accept that astrology plays a big part in this - and our chart is the blueprint of what we have to learn in this incarnation. that the 11 aspects are contributing to the whole. paying - creating karma. (hmmm - there is another thought - do aspects of the soul pay back or create karma that another aspect has to fulfill??) and because we have free will, and are having a human experience, we will not always 'get it'. In fact, i would guess that more often then not, we dont get it. So the experiences of each astrological sign would have to be experienced several times before being 'achieved' or 'passing'. Sooooo - twins - i believe that twins are aspects of the same soul undertaking a double lesson in the sign, possibly because the energy has either been blocked, misused or not learned during previous lifetimes.

Ok - thats it.

Wondering if we should have a short period of time on tuesday nights in order to share the conclusions (if any) that have arisen since the last weeks' discussion.

Just a thought

Still waiting for my computer - hopefully it will be ready tomorrow

Friday, 18 July 2008

Exiled in exile

Oh dear

My worst nightmare has come true (well one of them anyway)

My best friend - my computer - is sick and at the doctors.

I dont know when i will get it back.

Hopefully it will be ready tomorrow - maybe monday at the latest.

Very sad

I miss my computer because all my friends live there.

sniff sniff

So - I guess i will have to become a domestic goddess instead. Clean up the floordrobe and wash some clothes.

Hopefully I will be able to come to Full Moon ritual tonight. Depends upon what time his lordship gets home.

thinking about my friends

Kathleens amazing abilites which obviously knows no limits
Lisa's mum
Diana's free word bank (yay) and moon cookies
why deb needs a new stick

journeys - that start with a single step

essences and how i have run out of mulla mulla

how to keep the kids locked in their cupboards amused for just three more days


thats enough dribble

might even go and make a card

luv me

Wednesday, 16 July 2008

The Journey

The Journey

I drew this card at Lisa's Womens Spiritual Group on Tuesday night.

The Journey

Lisa instructed us to blog about our card so here I go (c'mon Faerie, where is yours??)

I have been pondering the Journey since then. I have come to the conclusion that there are many Journeys in my life. My journey as a wife and mother, my creative journey, my career, my spiritual journey, my wiccan journey... I could go on but you get the idea. Then there is the big one. The Journey. Capital letters even. The amalgamation of all those journeys which is the Journey of my Life.

Some of these journeys i am going ahead with in leaps and bounds. some have stalled like some shitbox old car on the side of a hill and no-one really knows how to get it going again. Some take two steps forward and one back.

Overall, I dont know.

The image on the card was a labrynth. Life truly is a labrynth and i am the first one to admit, that in many areas I am clueless. I am wandering around in a bit of a daze, often chasing my tail, completely scattered.

This all ties in with the work I have been doing trying to understand my life in relation to my North and South Node (astrological chart). this is EXTREMELY interesting and I can totally relate to what i have read so far.

It seems that I have a very great need to get organised. I have known this for at least a dozen years - although it is a quite distasteful job and much prefer to live in my head, although it seems that this is proving to be my undoing. I spread myself too thin (bit like vegemite) while trying to do too many things at once. There is lots lots more - it is quite fascinating really. It all ties in. My friend the astrologer has prescribed for me a bottle of Aussie bush flower essences for what is going on for me right now - and it is all connected - everything. All coming to me at once. Confirmation is good. I am on the right track is good. I just need to get off my butt and get out of my head and just do it.

So off to finish off everything i can find here.... chocolate cake, a bottle of chardy..........


bit silly really

just when i was trying to be serious

Friday, 11 July 2008

Some info for you

The latest from Edgar J Winter

This weekend is a one of “when it feels tough… the tough get going”

The conjunction of the planets Mars and Saturn of "go" and "stop" can be frustrating if we lack focus and discipline. When energies are directed with purpose and patience, this is a time of construction. Solid foundations of healthy habits and organization build a stable base to support the loftiest ambitions. Irresponsible behaviour, though, is likely to be punished rapidly, so this is no time to bend the rules.

Mars and Saturn ganging up in Virgo can create tremendous stress as we try to get it all done in the shortest time possible – everything feels so urgent and critical. We may feel that we’re in an endurance marathon (funny that they are holding a big one now on this Coast) and, while these planets will give us the energy and focus to get on with it, there will be consequences if we don’t pace ourselves, factor in some down time and be a little easy on ourselves and others.

So take it easy and use this energy to stay focused, clear and practical. A deep acceptance of things as they are and breathing deeply into the diaphram will go a long way towards staying calm and open in situations that are out of our control. Walking in nature will also be a fantastic antidote to the stress and intensity of this conjunction.

Wednesday, 9 July 2008

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New Cards...

Sorry about that last post. I received that in a spam email and it totally broke me up. I couldnt stop laughing and thought I might share it with you, my friends.

And it made everyone question my sanity and/or drug use. Hilarious.

I have made some new SoulCollage cards and put them up on my other blog. Click here if you want to look.

School holidays.... ahhhh gotta love them.

Have been a bit busy trying to be a domestic goddess. Failing mostly but am trying... really i am. Well, I did clean out one of my two remaining clutter filled cupboard. One more to go - and all of my corners are junk free. YAY. Might even knock that one over tomorrow.

I have been having a real 'obsession' with birds. They are coming and visiting me - all kinds. This morning i sat and watched a flock of swallows zooming around having a ball in the wind. I once knew a lady who originally came from Russia. She told me that swallows are considered very lucky over there. If they nest at your home, you will be lucky with money while ever they stay.  Lately around here, aside from swallows we have had magpies, crows, ibis', hawks, parrots, cockatoos, galahs, booker birds, willy wagtails, finches - and i havent seen any of those horrible Indian Miner birds. The ones i miss the most are sparrows. I remember when i was a kid, there would be great flocks of sparrows wheeling around the sky. I would sit and watch them - hundreds of them at once. I hardly ever see them anymore. Let alone flocks of them. Where did all the sparrows go??? Feathers too have been finding their way to me. I have always been terrified of feathers. As a child we were told not to touch them because they are 'riddled with bird lice'. Funny how some things stick isnt it. Thats like washing my hands after I touch a dog. It was always drummed into me that I would get worms if i didnt wash my hands. To this day i still rush for the bathroom after i have touched a dog. I can feel it on my hands.

anyway - thats enough dribble.

Lotsa Luv



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Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Too early

It is too early

I have been sitting here for an hour doing stuff because i couldnt sleep.

Wide awake I was.

I hate that.

Never mind

I havent got much to say really, except I am still walking on cloud nine after our beautiful evening at the cottage last saturday night. It was amazing - meaningful and profound. Thank you again Lisa and Renata.

Still cant think of anything to say, so i will go now.