Monday, 17 May 2010

today is the first day of the rest of my life…..

Today I have access to the internet again, after a week and a half off-line.



Wow, that is a long wait - new connections take a week apparently. I guess there is more to it than flicking a switch or punching a few details into a computer. I don't think they fully understand how important it is to a person to be without her friends for a week :)

It has forced me to do more housework than normal though - and this is good. I am enjoying a clean and clutter free home.


Just to fill you in, just in case you don't know - a week and a half ago I got the keys to my new rental property and my kids and I moved in. Well, technically, we are still moving, lol, these things take time :)

It was a HUGE blur!! Last Wednesday week I didn't have a hope of a property, as I was turned down for the only one I liked since I started looking. Nothing was out there that was big enough. All of a sudden, that afternoon, I received a call from the property manager offering me the place I wanted all along. By Friday we had the keys and were moving stuff in. Saturday the 8th of May was the start of my new life. I am soooooo relaxed and happy.

A GINORMOUS thank you to Wendy and her husband (and kidlets :) for galloping at a moments notice with a truck, big manly muscles, energiser bunny style of motivational organisation and lots of laughs and bewildered scratching of the head (that last bit was just me). I love youse all, and wouldn't have done it without you. I owe you big time. And I have a large box of tea bags now :) very embarrassing - me not being a tea drinker and all - sorry Wendy.

Big thanks to my daughters friends, Mitch and Nathan. Who innocently asked did we need a hand and ended up being on the heavy end of quite a few bits of furniture. They are steering clear of me now - ITS OK TO COME BACK NOW GUYS, ITS ALL OVER :D

We are almost done. I still haven't bought over my books and there are a few pieces still hanging around in the walk in robe, waiting to come.

I still have about four boxes to unpack here - most of which contain decorative items and I am not quite sure where to put them yet. I also have an entertainment unit down in the garage, waiting for some strong arms to bring it inside..

I feel soooooo free. so relaxed and happy. I am blown away by how natural this seems, how normal and right, after living with someone and sharing their bed for 27 years… I would have thought I would feel some kind of angst. But no. It is the right thing for both of us. We are both content.

Please pop in :)

I have both tea AND coffee now. You are most welcome.


Today was the funeral of the son of a dear friend of mine. I am thinking of you Kay and sending you lots and lots of love. A mother should never outlive her own child. RIP Deano - I wish I could have known you.