Monday, 28 April 2008


Ok, I have been tagged by Blogmuggle!!

Here are 8 random things about me.....

1. I have always had a squishy pillow that i cuddle to get to sleep - and i cant sleep without it.

2. I have lots of food 'issues' - GM, additives, hormones etc. Also - i have to sniff that the milk is ok every time i use it.

3. I hate shoes, and never wear them except when I go out, only if it is really, really cold, then I will put on a pair of slippers.

4. My favourite Simpsons character is Ralph. He totally cracks me up.

5. I am NOT a domestic goddess!

6. I wish I had gone to university to become an Architect after I left school... now I fear it is too late.

7. I owned my first pushbike when I bought it myself at age 18 - my parents bought my brother one when he was 12. I didnt get one because I WAS A GIRL!! :

8. My (totally clueless) daughter reckons I look like a witch because of my hair!!

Ok, that was harder then I thought.

I tag
Hee hee

Sunday, 27 April 2008

What is it...

I looked at the sky yesterday, and there was a strange bright light up there. And the sky was an unusual colour. Hmmmmmm

What an amazing day for a wedding. I cant wait to see some photos!! I wanted to go up and have a look, but life got in the way and I missed it. I hear it was perfect.

And yes, things have improved here somewhat. Looking forward to school going back. I am working on tuesday, then.... FREEDOM!!! ahem - am really looking forward to that.

Cant think of anything else to say. Busy washing the mountain of sheets and towels and blankets that has evolved in my laundry. Call me Edmund.......

going now to scale that mountain....


Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Friday, 18 April 2008

Day 8

Ok - we have made it this far.... sure to see it to the end.

Had a massive sleep in this morning - slept til 10.15. My first of the holidays as Egan has been doing a soccer clinic all week that starts at 9am - how did i get sucked into that one. So all week i have been getting up early and dragging him out of bed.... just like school days. So I made the most of today, and slept and slept. Ahhhh, luxury.

Thanks for all your supportive comments re the party this week, boys are certainly another species. Escpecially small ones. I dont get it, not at all. Anyway, it is over now for another year now. Dont think i will be having another party at home in a hurry.

Have a funeral to go to next tuesday. My older half-brother's mother (we share the same dad) passed over yesterday. He and I are quite close and will be going along to support him. I probably wont know many people there, and dont like funerals much, but have organised Egan a 'play date' and all will be well. She was an amazing artist and worked a lot with bark, creating landscapes entirely out of different shades of paperbark. They are quite awesome and i might ask my brother if there is a small one he would let me have. Anyway, the cycle of life is turning once again.

Cindy goes home today..... very sad. Shame we had no time for a coffee somewhere - but this trip was much more filled to the brim and busy then her trips up here usually are for some reason. We saw her off from here yesterday afternoon, Egan and her are very close, and he just sat and sobbed his little heart out. Usually he starts after she leaves, but this time he couldnt contain himself. Poor little thing - he truly is a sensitive little boofhead.
We had a couple of hours of SoulCollage yesterday - nowhere near enough time - but Cindy has been making some cards at home, and really wanted to be inspired in a group situation and we took the opportunity to ask along our own almostsoulcollagefacilitator Faerie to come along and inspire her. Achieved that mission for sure. We made a couple of cards, one of which was an exercise with 'make a card from images out of one magazine within 30 mins' oh and we could only go through the magazine once - hard. Once we went through it, we had to put it aside and make the card just with the images we collected. Fun. Interesting. Will do it again for sure.

hope everyone is enjoying the joyous experience that is affectionately known as 'school holidays'.

luv jen

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

I survived...... barely


Someone once said that the reason we have childrens parties is to realise that there are worse kids out there then our own.

They knew their stuff, whoever they were.

Shit small boys are awful.

They are totally gross and grubby and loud

they call each other rude names and try to wrestle each other through the floor - constantly

someone, (me), put party whistles on the table with lunch. they lasted about 3 minutes before my ears were bleeding and i had to go and confiscate the lot!!

on a good note, the party was from 12 - 3pm, and we got til 2.57 before someone punched someone else hard in the face. ('f#cking prick' was screamed during a soccer match within the first half hour).... and they are 8. what will they do when they are 15?? any clues??

oh well, my feet are sore and i have a headache just lingering on the edge of my head.

looking forward to going to yaad tomorrow even though mother superior wont be there, apparently dropping 4 dress sizes overnight.

going now

hugs to you


Monday, 14 April 2008


school holidays

for this occasion, i will post an old favourite, most apt for the occasion i think...

shit, blogger is misbehaving too.

cant get the image dialogue box to come up.

story of my life.

My Soul Sister is here

visiting for the week, going home on friday.

much celebrating to be done for sure.

Egan is 8 on Wednesday

and having a party

at home

OMG - what have i done

too late

invitations are out.

8 x 8yo boys........ yippeeeeeeeeee


going now

rambling about shit

Feeling for Muggle and her family

I hope everything went as well as could be expected today

Another of lifes hurdles to be surmounted.

My heart goes out to you all.

bye now


hang on - will try again to upload the image....
Success!!! here tis

Friday, 11 April 2008

bullied again!!!

Well.... someone is POINTING A FINGER??? And bullying us to blog.

I agree, blogging regularly is definately NOT one of my strong points. Though I have been making more cards and posting them. Go take a look - here. So much fun. I got into a frenzy. Much good.



School holidays start. Thats all I am going to say about that. Plurgh x 1545186481618615.

Had a nice day yesterday. Major breakthrough. I went out for lunch with the girls from work at the Brewery and LEFT MY THREE KIDS AT HOME ALONE. Wow. I just told them that the last one standing had to call the police. And guess what. They were fine. Shit. Thank the Goddess. I am finally - after almost 16 years - able to leave the house and my kids behind alone. Well, not entirely true - i have been able to leave the older girls alone for ages, but i have always had to take boxhead with me. YAY. And i had a most EXCELLENT lunch with the girls. They are frikkin hilarious. I had lunch before i left so i could just order an entree in there - but one of the girls had an entertainment book voucher that meant my entree was soooo cheap. Good job. I didn t go for the food, just the company, and it totally was awesome. I am so blessed to work with such amazing women. Some schools that i have worked at have sargent major office managers - total nazi's. It certainly makes a difference when the staff are nice, and easy to get along with. And even though i am only very casual, they still invite me to all their school holiday get togethers. AND i got invited to last day of term after school drinks on thursday by the principal. Its so nice to feel part of the group. Love it.

Well, i have to go and clean my house a bit, diana has made me feel guilty, and then go shopping for boxhead's birthday. He will be 8 on wednesday.

Kira is at a party and Airlie has a friend over that slept last night. They are in the loungeroom watching some horror movie - so i am typing with my ears firmly shut and eyes not looking towards the telly. I will get nightmares tonight probably now.

going to do something.......

or not.....

holidays are upon us......


see you tonight.... yay (for real this time)


Monday, 7 April 2008



am being bullied to blog

i have nothing to say but shit

am working tomorrow and worked today. had no computers today - damn networking problem. I now have to do a eight page newsletter - what normally takes most of monday plus tuesday morning - then 450 odd copies, all in about 4 hours. Hmmmm. Grrrrr. That is assuming they get us back online in the morning.


kids driving me nutso

SoulCollage was awesome on Saturday. You should have come. I made a couple of cards. One is the Lioness as the Solar Plexus Chakra, the other i am not sure. you can check them out here. Well.... i will hopefully be able to put them up after i finish this pist but my eyelids are drooping.

Visiting road trip up the back passage was frikkin hilarious. I havent laughed so much in ages. Specially when Chelle tried to slam a cupboard door on my head and spilled my coffee down my front, and on her carpet. she is the tenant from hell!!! might ring her hooker with the big knob. Freud would have had a field day with us - with a 12 and a half minute turnaround before the conversation came back to sex. Poor Tahnee. Her Sticky Date Pudding is amazing - you should ask her to make some for you.

I am feral now.

lack of sleep does that to me.

plus teachers strikes.

plus having to work when i have too much else to do.

plus not having enough work and no money.




I will go now


Friday, 4 April 2008

a 'man' is pregnant....


I hear on the news, and everywhere today, that a 'male' is pregnant. This is apparently a woman who has had a sex change, is now legally a man, and because 'his' female partner has had a hysterectomy he/she has been artificially inseminated and is pregnant. . . . .

All I have heard so far is about how this 'man' is going to be having a child..... HELLO - ITS A WOMAN!!!!!!!!! Dont all you men in the world start going and getting ANY credits for one of your 'race' giving birth. Goddess save us.

Ok - rant over.

Dont start me - no more ranting ok.

My young bloke had his ear pierced this week. He has been absolutely HANGING. Pestering... a lot!!! It is part of his birthday present, which is in two weeks. Finally happy. Thank goodness someone is.

Shit - I tipped the Bulldogs tonight, they are getting flogged.

I am not into it really - only doing it to keep my mother happy - old bag - she wins the tipping comp every year.

I am sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo looking forward to SoulCollage tomorrow. You should come!!! Really!!! Yes you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kathleen is amazing. SoulCollage is amazing. Have I said that before??? Yes... Am I using an excessive amount of ...........!!!!!!!!!!!?????????????? yes

sorry, will stop now

SoulCollage ALWAYS makes me use an inordinate amount of exclamation marks etc.

Life goes on

nothing much to report

been a bit feral lately

see you tomorrow - I hope!!!