Saturday, 30 August 2008


Saturday night

Just me sitting here clicking keys


Had a picnic today at Bluegum Hills park, where Deb was trying to organise us to go to. Egans soccer team picnic day. Its nice out there - kids loved it too.

Hmmm - I just caught the cat humping egans teddy - gross. He was desexed when he was 6 months old (he is three and a half now) - what is the humping story. He humps my dressing gown too if i leave it on the bed. Sad strange little man. Thought desexing was supposed to curb those urges.

just checking in

going to read my book now

luv me

Wednesday, 27 August 2008

43 today....

Happy birthday to me.... pip pip


had a nice morning, I got a nice big brass ohm, a little jingly bag, some soap and beautiful incense - my new favourite!! I have also had lots of text messages and emails. Spoiled am I.

seeing this is all about me, I will try and do 43 things about me that you may not have already known...

  1. I am the eldest child of my fathers second marriage - I have one younger brother and two older half brothers.
  2. My father died 23 years ago and I have missed him ever since.
  3. I am already struggling to do this list.
  4. I dont like talking about myself.
  5. I like my coffee really really weak.
  6. My cat bit me on the chin last night - ouch.
  7. I have a rare blood disorder which is in remission. It is called Megacaryocyte Meglamatosis. (or something like that anyway)
  8. I love playing Word Twist and Text Twirl on Facebook. Addictive. Yes.
  9. Today I am entering a Personal Year 9, which is the last of the cycle.
  10. I desperately want to find a way to work from home.
  11. I have one tattoo and really want to get another. I want an anklet. I dont know what though. Maybe some text - a meaningful sentence possibly. In script that is joined. Hmmmm good idea that. Will ponder more.
  12. I am completely and utterly disorganised in my personal life. This causes no end of stress within myself and my family. I want to do something about it but I dont know where to begin. So, typically, I do nothing. I just live in my head. This isnt good and is holding me back. I need a personal organiser - anyone want to volunteer???
  13. I was once a wedding photographer and hated it.
  14. I also once worked in a factory.
  15. I used to own a little blue cattle dog called Jess. She died of complications arising from a Caesarian Section to deliver puppies that were too big for her to deliver. It was an infection that suddenly flared up just after the puppies were weaned. I loved that little dog.
  16. I once met the Queen and Prince Phillip.
  17. I used to be able to beat almost anyone at Pool. Except for my friend Kaz. Together we were a formidable team and used to beat lots of guys at lots of different pubs. They hated that. Hee hee.
  18. My eldest daughter was born the exact same weight as I was when I was born. I was also the same age, to the day, when I had her that my mother was when she had me. Freaky. 
  19. When I was about 7, I was in the elevator at the Town Hall with my family and the newly crowned Mattara Princess. She took off her tiara and let me wear it for a minute.
  20. I am up to 20 and it is going ok. I usually have lots of trouble with these things.
  21. Now i have jinxed myslef and my mind has gone blank.
  22. I never had a nickname when I was growing up and really wanted one.
  23. My favourite colour is purple and my lounge room feature walls are a colour called Purple Haven. It is quite deep and i love it a lot.
  24. I havent cooked a whole chicken since 1986 when i managed to get it out of the bag onto the sink before i threw up. I had to get my mum to come and put it in the oven for me. I couldnt eat it once it was cooked. I kept remembering the corpse on the sink. Brad was happy - he had a whole chook to himself.
  25. I had two dreams in a row last night about someone breaking into my house. I belted them over the head both times - the first with a baseball bat and the second with a side table. What is that all about. Message to everyone - dont break into my house in the middle of the night or you might not get back up.
  26. I LOVE the smell of mangoes, divine,  but i dont really enjoy the taste. Weird.
  27. I need to buy some more of my new incense - it is truly amazing. It is Moondance brand - Tibetan Spice flavour. Yummo. Must find out where he got that from.
  28. I have an obsession with stationary. I manage to resist most times but often spend time loitering around the racks wishing.
  29. My younger brother is going to Danny Buderus's lunch today instead of coming to lunch with me. Noice. He could have brought Danny with him to Maryland Tavern!! 
  30. I am NOT a morning person and have to get up 45 minutes before i have to on days that i work so i can wake up and get moving. Sad.
  31. I stay up too late at night which adds to my morning dilemma. I just love the quiet house at night, with just the clicking of the keyboard keys to keep me company.
  32. Woo hoo - 32.
  33. Everytime i type a post, as i am doing now, i notice the 'Labels for this post:" button below and think of people falling off scooters while on holidays.
  34. Ten to go.
  35. I would love to go back to school as i love to learn.
  36. I have the Goddess Dana as one of my guides - she is an Irish Goddess and she according to Doreen Virtue she helps with abundance, divine magick, healing, children and mothering, the elemental kingdom and self esteem issues. She has a great sense of humour and teases me sometimes.
  37. I am eagerly anticipating learning about Tarot.
  38. I need to trust myself more.
  39. Starting to struggle now. Only six to go.
  40. I had the most awesome 40th birthday party. It was the best party i have ever been to. Certainly the best i have ever had. Good memories that make me smile when i think of them. Friends, laughter, good food, only slightly too much alcohol. Excellent.
  41. My whole family rips me off about my daggy glasses. Especially my brothers wife. She thinks i am a massive dag. Tough. I would love to be brave enough to wear those really trendy ones but i dont think they would suit me. I am a bit too boho for that
  42. I havent had my hair cut for 12 months. It shows. Slackarse me. Remember what i said about personal disorganisation. There is just never time.
  43. If i dont surround myself with people of like mind and deliberately work hard to grow spiritually, then i quickly slip back into being human again. I dont even realise it at the time either. One day i just wake up and think..... "oh - back to square one, very sad". It is at this point that I find myself a group to attend. That is how i found the cottage. Thanks Michelle. And thank you to everyone who has touched my life. That is everyone. I cant imagine my life without you all and am filled with gratitude to have such amazing sisters and friends. Truly blessed am I.
I MADE IT!!!!!!!!!!

Have a nice day everyone !!


Monday, 25 August 2008

Happy Blogoversary to me

Today is my Blogoversary. Thanks Teena for the well wishes.

Life has been fairly ordinary lateley. No great news to speak of.

I am enjoying Level 2 YAAD a lot and am beside myself with excitement looking forward to this thursdays group. Very schmick.

Have been working heaps and luckily (or not, depending on how you look at it) it has settled down a bit now. Thank the Goddess that I am only working tomorrow this week. Am feeling pretty crap with some kind of 'dogs disease'. Scoffing honey and cinnamon in copious quantities. Should be fine soon. Denfinately.

Have been processing a lot of stuff lately. Lots to do with my place in the world. who, how, what why is important. what needs dumping. who should stay and who should go (someone sings that, I dont know who) - whats it all about. how can i make a difference. what is meaningful to me. who is leading me forward and who is dragging me back.

I dont have all the answers yet -

still searching.

just putting one foot in front of the other and doing the best that I can.

see you soon - hopefully

Friday, 8 August 2008


thats all i have to say right now....


ok - sorry - will think of something else. will not burden you with the details.

good news. have signed off on the last book i assisted in pubishing. the final proof was in my hands and although i didnt read it, i flicked through it and the problems i found in the first proof were correctd and all seemed fine. yay. very very good news.

that will be two 'signed by the author' published books that i have in my bookcase. well, actually three, but the first one doesnt really count.

am having a garage sale. two teenage girls. aged 13 and two days off 16. all offers considered.

please take them off my hands and save the life of a child.grrrr


Thursday, 7 August 2008

Exile survived...

We had a  wonderful 'reunion' today.

Lots of deep and meaningful conversation.

Lots to learn - seeds to plant and watch grow and an amazing new folder decorated by Deb to be envious of. You KNOW we are all copying that, dont you Deb???

It has been a rollercoaster couple of weeks. Mostly dominated by the Sweet 16th of eldest daughter next monday. (did i say SWEET???)

I have been shopping until i have been dropping. This has been quite fun actually - with a serious change in attitude after i read the riot act before we left. Much more respectful - this is good. I now only have to sew up the sleep suit that she has been begging for over the past couple of months. You know - all in ones with feet and a zipper up the front - polar fleece. I am only stumped as to where to purchase the gripper fabric for the soles of the feet. Might have to use suede. Bloody teenagers !!!

Middle child syndrome is representing the school tomorrow in a touch football gala day. Very excited, although the occasion called for a new pair of footy boots. Do you know how hard it is to find footy boots at the end of footy season. Trust me, it is very hard. She is also heading to Narromine in a couple of weeks for THREE DAYS representing the school at sports. Wow. Three days of peace (well, relative anyway). Most excellent.

Enough about them.

My attention has been drawn lately a few times regarding 'Truth'.

Most specifically when someone tells me something and i just take it on face value - and later find out that the person has taken 'liberties' with the truth.

I am not generally a naive person. But i am not suspicious either. If someone tells me something in earnest i believe them.

I want to know how I can be more on my guard so i am not getting taken for a ride. This is happening often enough so to annoy me.

I DONT WANT to be suspecting or questioning everything people say to me. And once i have been alerted to an individuals propensity to lie, i am more watchful - but it is the initial time.

WHY DO PEOPLE HAVE TO LIE. Why cant they just tell the truth. Especially for silly little things. I dont get it.

When someone is just 'high noting themselves', or trying to make themselves look good. Thats annoying too. I dont recongise those ones till its too late. Then i feel silly. Then i feel annoyed that they have made me feel silly.

Its a cruel cruel world.

Going now to search for my seed on google.