Thursday, 27 September 2007

one more

one more sleep.... oh the bittersweet irony. one more day of work. one more day. one more 5.45am alarm. one more.

am tired.

too tired to play scrabble

i have a headache and my mind wont think.

it is already on holidays.

lucky it.

tomorrow is a big day

the girls have their dance concert

i need to race home from work and hopefully they will be already dressed and made up.

i need to do the ballet buns and get them into the car within half an hour and go and drop egie off at a friends house.

then at least i get to go out for dinner between dropping them off and watching the spectacular


then i might go to sleep during intermisison

i really must stop complaining

it is not endearing i know

am just being engulfed in 'crap' and here seems the best place to spew it

ok, crap now spewed, time to get on with it.........

i promise - from the bottom of my heart to be human by saturday morning

Monday, 24 September 2007

oh dear....

forgive me sisters, it has been 9 sleeps since i last blogged....

hee hee (am not catholic in case you were wondering)

had a pretty shitty afternoon really

you know one of those days when everything just turns to shit.

thats me......


thank the goddess that the most shittyest bit is over already, and everything is now at peace. (using positive thought here)

four more work days till the holidays

i cant believe i am saying this but I CANT WAIT

i am going to sleep and sleep and sleep

i am going to stay in my jarmies til lunchtime

i will be a sloth

no - not reallly

but i will take it real easy

and get some things done that are sadly neglected right now as we speak

might paint a sign that says -

my house was clean yesterday, sorry you missed it...


a clean house is a sign of a wasted life

something like that

enough already

had a HUGE weekend

much too big really,

cept for saturday at the sisterhood day where i learned all types of things, not least what happens in unsuspecting church pews when no one is looking.

i found out that my life REALLY IS boring.

cept for the busy bits.

chell is flogging everyone in scrabble
although i have beaten her once
and just might again

well, if i didnt get so many crappy tiles that is (i know i know, no excuses)
my day will come, i know it.

facebook has me addicted, i have an aquarium and everything.

am going now to pick up the freak of nature from ballet

luv me

Saturday, 15 September 2007


hmmmm - facebook is addictive.

too many way too silly things to do there.

I started off just wanting to play scrabble.

I have about 8 games going with different people right now.

much fun for sure.

only two weeks of work to go of this term, i cant wait, i need to be me again, but then i wont really be me will i? i will be mum. not that being mum is bad, but i have an intense need to be me.

yesterday at work i got injured.... TWICE. once i was running for the phone after sticking a bandaid on some whinging kid and whacked the tip of my elbow on the door frame. OUCH. i hit it so hard i thought i had chipped the bone. damn kid with a new bandaid nearly cakked himself laughing. little shit. the other lady in the office offered me an icepack and said she would ring my mum if i wanted. would have been hilarious if i wasnt rolling around in pain.

then i was in the store room getting down a box from a high shelf and another box JUMPED off the shelf right onto my head. and i didnt see it coming. knocked my specs off and everything. and i said a swear word. you are not supposed to do that in schools. but it shocked the crap out of me.

poor me. i am going to ask for danger money.

my freak-of-nature is on her way home from the jets game, they won 1 - 0. yay, go jets. here she is in her costume. Shrinking violet is MissK.

she came home from the rehearsal at energy australia stadium today with a pocket full of grass that she pulled out of the centre of the ground for her brother, who is a mad Jets fan. He is absolutely stoked. Wouldnt it be wonderful to be ecstatic with such a simple thing as a few blades of grass.

Oh well, might go and play a bit more scrabble and go to bed.

Luv Jen

Thursday, 13 September 2007

I got this new thing, downloaded it really..... its called stumbleupon.

heaps of fun. you put in the things you are interested in and then click 'stumble' and you come across really cool sites.

check out the one below, tis fun

Tuesday, 11 September 2007

stuffed if i know...

hmmmm.... just call me connie confused.

a few weeks ago i tried in vain to insert the little cloud with a rainbow but couldnt see it and thought that i had failed.

on the weekend i managed to create and put up the little word 'jen'.

then i thought i would be tooo, toooo clever and change it to a little pink yin yang symbol.

well, i cant see the yin yang symbol no matter how hard i try to refresh it.

now -
jac can see the rainbow cloud
i can see the little purple 'jen'
and 'chelle can see the yin yang.......

hmmmm - maybe i am cleverer then i thought.......

whatcha think jac????

Luv Connie

(18 sleeps til the school holidays.... yay!!!)

Thursday, 6 September 2007

I did it I did it I did it

goodness me Jac, you have no idea how long i have been trying in vain to insert a favicon.... and i did it!!!!!!!!!!!!!

go me

Other breaking news...

I have tomorrow off!~!! I negotiated one just for me..... YAY

go me

I am happy, oh so happy......

i know, pathetic huh

Wednesday, 5 September 2007

Feeble laughter...

Check out this Ebay auction... its the only thing that has made me smile all day.....

Monday, 3 September 2007

oh dear, i am a dickhead....

i have been checking blogs for a couple of days and there had been NO CHANGE!!!!! On anyones blog. Just then i thought to myself... 'self, someone Must HAVE blogged in two days, surely......'
so i refreshed the screen - ouila!! posts.... oh dear

i might go to bed now
i am tired and silly

ta taa for now
um....... where is everybody??

i get the distinct feeling that something is going on and i dont know about it!!

Sunday, 2 September 2007

sunday 9.11pm

Hello..... Hello..... Hello..... Hello...... Hello....

Goodness me, it is very quiet in Blogland. No-one, is blogging. What is going on? do you all have lives or something?

I have had a good weekend. A couple of sleep ins, company of good friends. meeting new people. a LOT of eye candy - of the artistic variety. Tis all good.

Friday saw me finding out the end date of this stint of full time work i am doing, November 16. I will finish this term (four more weeks) then work the first five weeks of next term. Am happy with this. Tis do-able. probably would have preferred to finish at the end of this term, but, the monetary reward is attractive too. christmas will be a breeze this year. will make for a nice change.

Friday evening, i had red dots swimming before my eyes, and i only had ONE glass of champers. I was EXTREMELY impressed with the huge crowd, turnout of mary's, hob nobs, hobos, etc. not to mention the incredible talent of two people that i am honoured to call friends.
How many red dots now 'chelle???? come on, update is necessary. I ended the night hanging round like a shag on a rock, until i had to pick up a kid from bloody ice skating at 11pm.

Saturday was spent shopping, and cooking and some darling friends came over for a bbq tea and heaps of laughs. totally schmick. too late to bed though.

Today we had bacon and egg rolls for breakfast, cooked on the bbq - yummo, our traditional fathers day breakfast. lazed around til it was time for the freak-of-nature to head off for the inaugral performance of the bomber squad, the Jets cheer squad. We went to the game and had a great night - the kid danced her arse off, god she can move that kid, must get that off me!! (stop it, i can hear you sniggering) Jets had a 1 all draw. very cool.

that leaves just now. sitting here looking at shit on the net. writing about the boring stuff that is my life. if you are not already asleep, i will go now and stop sending you mad with boredom.

til next time