Tuesday, 13 July 2010

positive sign number 147

That I have done the right thing in leaving my husband…

I went to the plant nursery today. I have done this lots of times before. I loooovvvee the nursery. I love wandering around the plants, and getting inspiration from the colours and the plants and the herbs etc etc etc.

however it was always overshadowed by a doom and gloom that when i took my purchase home it would be greeted with “what the f&%k did you buy that for?? Where is it going to go”… sigh

We had a quite extensive garden, and everything i could have possibly have bought home, could have gone SOMEWHERE. Anyone that had ever visited us could attest to that. So why the frikken power play.

Today I went to the nursery. I got paid for my very first paying photography portrait job since about the ‘90’s. I decided that i would use it to buy a plant of Joy. One to be cosseted and cared for and to represent my life of joy.

When i arrived, I was almost floored with JOY. I was soooo excited. I was shopping for a plant with absolutely NO chance of recrimination. And it was AWESOME!!!  Such a small thing but oh, so, wonderful. I was almost indescribably euphoric. I was walking on air. I couldnt have been any happier if I was given free choice to take whatever I wanted from THE MINT!!!

Sigh…. So happy….  So sure…. :)

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Solar Eclipse - 5.42 am Eastern Standard Time 12th July 2010


I am the catalyst for the events that unfolds in my life. I am grateful for every part of it, no matter how great or how small. For each thing is a part of my evolution and my growth towards the divine. It is my thoughts, my intention, my heart, my mind, my faith that create the reality of my life as it is now.

As above, so below, at 5.42 am tomorrow morning, a significant solar eclipse will occur which is important in the whole Cardinal Grand Cross that is in the process of developing this year. At this time it is a good idea to put out intentions for what you would like to bring into your life and what it is you are willing to leave behind. As this eclipse is in Cancer, it also relates to the home and family - our roots and our tribe.

I am willing to release from my life fear, anger and unrealistic expectation. I release stress and blame. I release ill health and poor choice. I release those things and persons that no longer serve my greater good. I release the inability to see and hear clearly. I release the need to be judgemental.

My arms are open wide to embrace copious amounts of love, abundance, and vibrant good health. I welcome serenity, peace and respect. Safety and peace, knowledge and happiness. Personal growth, spiritual growth and creativity. I welcome for my family love, respect, communication and empathy. I embrace support, an ever widening circle of friends, understanding and careful listening. Appreciation and respect, peace, happiness and lots and lots of beautiful love.

So mote it be…..