Tuesday, 7 December 2010

“Look mummy, its a PRINCESS!!!”

This post is about one week late. I am sooo slack I know. Better late than never, right??

The above quote was exclaimed (very loudly!!) from our front verandah about 12 years ago by my middle child Kira, after she had caught a glimpse of our next door neighbours daughter as a bride leaving for her wedding.

Last Tuesday afternoon I was very proud of my very own ‘princess’. It was Kira herself at her Year 10 formal. We spent the afternoon at hair appointments and getting ready to leave for the night of her life so far. I was so proud of her



kiraformal 2010 (125)

kiraformal 2010 (265)


kiraformal 2010 (320)


I was very very proud of how my beautiful girl conducted herself that afternoon - she most certainly was a princess.

Love you Kira