Friday, 18 December 2009

Friday… faith

What a week it has been. What a couple of weeks really. There has been so much going on. So many words have been spoken.

There has been so much going on in my mind today. I think it might have been the coke I had to try and raise my energy levels - but truth be told, my mind us usually as busy any day. Some of the things I have been pondering today is about friendship. Friendship and loyalty. Understanding and looking at stuff from another's point of view. Also about expected outcomes - and how if an outcome ends up differently then we expected, then we twist the scenario to fit our expectation anyway. Very painful - but interesting in my study of human behaviour. Sometimes people that we love do some very unexpected and thoughtless things. I just wish that sometimes people would think before they spoke, acted, or hit the publish button. Sigh.

My north node in gemini in the sixth house is all about me looking at situations from the others point of view - so I guess it is second nature for me to try and understand the opinion of all involved.

Enough disappointment this week to last me a lifetime. Never mind. I will move on - and I am sure that the outcome will be greater then the sum of its parts.


I had a nice night at the Presentation Night for my middle daughters Collegiate on Wednesday night this week. She didn't get an award but she performed in the cheerleading group that she belongs to that I mentioned in a previous post. Here is a picture (thanks Nat!! - I forgot my camera) - she is the one furthest to the right hand side of the stage - partially obscured by the girl in front’s arm. They are used to performing on a full size gymnastics floor, and the stage the other night was about 6 times smaller. The area you can see in the photo is it - total floor space for performance. They did an awesome job though and showed what a professional unit they were in the face of adversity. Most excellent. I also had the pleasure of watching the daughters of some of my very dear friends getting academic awards - well done Caity and Kayla!!



I am going to enter the week before SPF with wishes and gratitude. My seven days of wishes :) -


Here is what I wish for myself.

I wish that my life is a bit boring. Boring as in - non drama. Boring as in not out of the ordinary in any way. I also wish that those that I share my life with, mainly the teenagers, have as many not scary, not anxious, not edgy moments as possible. And when they do get a hormonal rush that makes them lash out like a crazy woman, that they recognise this and work through it.

I wish for my life to be centred around Art. Art and Love. I wish for many many months of creating and that I not be pulled in many different directions at once, so lessening my chance to create.

I wish for whatever it takes to make my very dear friends happy. I wish that the angst that may reside within them be dissolved upon exposure to light. And I wish a very bright light to shine on them right now. I wish this also for myself.

I wish for peace. And let it begin with me.

Blessed be



Michelle said...

Love you Jen.


Natalie said...

Lovely post, Jen. I am praying for Peace and compassion.x♥

Cyndy said...

Well done, Jen. On all accounts.

At & Love: sounds like some Michelle might wish for too. xoxoxo