Sunday, 13 September 2009


Wow, what a bloody huge day. My alarm was set to go off at 4.30am (yes, I know, on a Sunday!!! Idiot am I) and I woke at 3.15am. This is after going to bed after 11.45pm. I lay awake until 4am and then got up anyway because I knew if I went to sleep then I would really suffer.

Anyway - we got on the bus at 5.45am at the High school and headed to sydney for our school team to compete in the third annual state american style cheerleading copetition in australia. WE WON OUR DIVISION. My god they were incredible. We hadnt seen them perform before, and were blown away. WOO HOO. What a blast. What a stinking hot day today too, 31 degrees Celsius. In Penrith. in a smallish sports complex with 900 competitors and probably at least 3000 spectators. They didnt run out of food but the line was 45 minutes to get some.

We had a great day.

The kids were beside themselves.

I should point out that these 'kids' were between years 8 and 10, so 13 - 16 years of age. They were incredible - military like precision, not li ke the rag tag rabble we usually see of our teens today.

very proud 'cheer mum' here today :D

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Myst_72 said...

Congratulations :)


Paula said...

CONGRATS to the kids. Well done. You can be proud. Besides it sounds like a hot fab and great day all around. Hugs

Bee said...

yay team,,,,,

Jewell said...

well done...did you shout yourself horse!!!

Jen said...

YES!! We were screaming and jumping up and down and everything.

Oh, and i whistled through my fingers that loud and long that I got dizzy!! lol