Sunday, 6 September 2009

a post

I found the following post in my editing bit.. I thought I published it the other day.. sorry - i really am a slackarse!!

Ok, the worlds most slackest blogger is scratching some ink on this page... first time in nearly two weeks!! I am slack.

Lots has happened since then.

I have had my husband home for August - he was renovating the last room left in the house to do - the master bedroom. It has been such a huge job. The dickheads that owned this house before us were absolutely hopeless and were obvioulsy on some kind of halluciogenic drugs when they chose the colours - two walls were very dark navy blue, but almost black, two walls were spray can silverfrost, complete with runs, and the carpet was deep cherry red. There were different accents painted a revolting terracotta orange. Yummo, I can hear you say.

The whole job took so long because the room had to practically be re gyprocked and yes - we have still got to paint - but it is ALMOST ready for that. And the ensuite and wardrobe are FINISHED!! We still have got everythign packed away though - so it looks like there is sooo much room in there with no furniture except the bed.

anyway, thats boring

We played touch footy tonight - we won- i nearly scored again. Only nearly. Damn.
I am starting to get used to it. I didnt even near feel like i was going to die tonight. not even nearly.

so thats gooood - i am ovbiously getting a bit fitter.. ahem, yes, fitter. That is despite the fact that I have put on another couple of kilos since i last stepped on the scales - after all the physical activity that i have been doing. Sheesh, I have moved my massive body more in the last 4 weeks then I have in the past four years!!! Ripped off!!

So much is going on for me personally too.

I had a birthday last week. I was 44. I am happy with this number - was quite looking forward to it actually. Nice round numbers. I got an ipod, and a gobful of abuse from my mother. And when I challenged her with 'gee, thanks for making THAT an issue on my birthday - thanks very much' - she countered with more abuse for me making HER feel guilty!! Sheesh (again) Well pardon me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Far out, no wonder I am screwed up in the head!! lol

It has been tiring, have worked heaps. Have cleaned and messed up. Have accumulated bills and paid them off. Have just had my life get totally in the way. 

You know what makes it so special most of the time?? Friends. Thats who. Yes, you know who you are. 

thank you soooo much


¸.·´¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*¨)
(¸.·´Lotsa luv from

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Wendy said...

Happy belated birthday, Jen!