Monday, 24 August 2009

what a day

Phew... was a 'get your skates on' kind of day for me.

so much accomplished.

so much organised

Have had much reason and prompting to look within (as usual). Some 'chance' remarks from friends, acquaintances and strangers have been quite syncronistic.

My head is literally swimming with information and thoughts and inspirations and feelings..... this is good, but it is very tiring.

So am going to bed now

Sorry am so boring.

OH, I almost forgot - I have been working on some photographs for the Cottage Art Exhibition. Having lots and lots of fun - cant wait for that one...

taa taa for now

¸.·´¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*¨)
(¸.·´Lotsa luv from


janis said...

I like that,"get your Skates on" kindof day. Never heard that but so get it!
Can't wait to hear more about the exhibition.
Sweet dreams!

steve said...

Happy Blogoversary woo hoo yeeeaahhhh Many more happy ones to follow..zman sends

Teena in Toronto said...

Happy blogoversary!

Vodka Mom said...

your blog is lovely----and inspirational!

Michelle said...



Paula said...

Congrats! I think it is great when one is filled with inspiring thoughts. Looking forward to see pics from the Cottage art exhibition

Bee said...

bout time you blogged isnt it,ha