Thursday, 13 August 2009

Goodness me..

what a couple of days it has been. Bit of a roller coaster, but then again, isnt my life always like that?? lol

So far this week we have had the family 'get together' for eldest's 17th birthday. Same as usual, family power plays but with my mother throwing in an extra 'twist' (of the knife). Oh well, I have spent a lifetime disappointing that woman, why should things change now.

Last minute shopping for said birthday. I found it really hard to buy for her this year, seeing as she has been working for a while now and has her own money. We managed.

Eldest's 17th birthday. Was a nice quiet day for her because she booked herself a day off work to just 'chill'. Cool.. lol Hopefully a nice new change of attitude with come along with the more mature age.. well I can always hope!!!

Middle child (ballerina) playing a gala day of six games of RUGBY LEAGUE. yes, you heard right. Under 16 girls rugby league. Six weeks from her ballet concert. She survived, with only three stud gouges down her thigh, and some bruising. Far out. Relief when that was over. We told her ballet teacher tonight and she was absolutely horrified. It was so funny, because she tried to laugh it off, but you could see the terror in her eyes. Those long time readers might remember her foot injury with stitches only a week before last years concert...

My return to competitive sport after a break of a lot of years. I played my first game of touch football since high school last night. In my last game (1981) I was actually sent off by the referee. If my memory serves me correctly i think it was for tackling one of the opposition. She got up and jobbed me and I jobbed her back. We both got sent off. What a lovely memory. lol

Last nights game was very different. I only thought I was going to die of a heart attack once, and that was because i ran out and ran around like a mad old chook for the first five minutes then had to come off and recover for a while (lol). When I went back on I was much more 'mature' about it and took it a bit lot easier. Apparently I almost scored a try, I cant remember that very well, although I do have some vague recollection of an open try line which got closed very quickly and me frantically tossing the ball to someone so I didnt get tipped. That may have been the time. Oh, and darling daughter (who plays on the same team, yes the rugby daughter) informs me I argued with the ref. I certainly dont remember that one. Hmmm. maybe it was a body double last night, lol. Anyway, I pulled up fine this morning - with not even any soreness except for my stoopid feet. But thats normal.

Last night on Facebook was the most hilarious Snuggly war I have ever seen. I dont think I have laughed so hard for ages. Most excellent. I think I have been 'excommunicated' from the cottage because my daughter bought me a 'snuggly' - well a cheap knock off anyway. Even though I have not had a chance to use it because one of the kids seem to be using it every night... I might have to 'renounce' my snuggly ownership, sheesh, the price one has to pay... lol. Hilarious


Tomorrow is my last day of work in this stint. I need to go out to the dirty wrecking yard and pay the bills and do the banking, then back to school to make up for the hours I missed on wednesday arvo for our Stroud 2010 planning meeting. Woo hoo. Only 351 sleeps til we go!!

Ok, thats enough of a ramble for one day.

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Evil Twin's Wife said...

I'd let the kids have the Snuggly. Those things are kinda weird looking. LOL.

Lisa said...

they are snuggys Jen- and yes, the risk of excommunication was looking very possible............

Kerry said...

*sigh* excommunicated because of a blanket with arms.

Whats the world coming too??

Lisa said...

every culture requires some boundaries !