Saturday, 19 December 2009

today I am grateful for….

  • Hope. Hope and love. Hope that makes your heart swell with the promise of good things to come. I have been fortunate enough to be in the company of some lovely friends today - friends who we shared the gift of giving and hope for the future. Hope for a future that may not be as we all envisioned it a month ago, but one that will be wonderful nevertheless. I believe that hope is almost as important as faith. Mix it with love and you have a winning combination.
  • That my SPF shopping is done. totally done and dusted. All done, wrapped, and ready to go. So very good. It is amazing what a relief to know that I will not be sitting up at 2am on SPF morning, wrapping  - taking shortcuts with paper and tape. Very slack. Not this year - all done. Most excellent.
  • My sense of humour. This has seen me through some sticky situations.. a couple of which were today… it is amazing how  a laugh or even just a smile can diffuse a situation and make a very different outcome to where it was heading. Laughter certainly is a very powerful medicine.
  • These photos of Santa. Goodness me Santa, what a lovely body you have…. You would never have guessed that he had all this hiding beneath that red suit!! :) 

1 2346

Now that, ladies, is what it is all about….

Until tomorrow




WhimsiGals said...

Blessed Be :-)

Love Santa ... such a hunk under that red suit!

Cyndy said...

Who couldn't like Christmas buns?

That is a seriously impressive bush you've got there, Jen. Lovely ;0)