Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Just one tiny pat

on the back for me. Just one. I had nightmare eldest daughter home this morning as she wasn't rostered on for work. As usual she was filled with bad manners and an even badder attitude. Usually this winds me up. Slowly but surely, as time goes on – and my wishes are ignored and scoffed at – I get more and more pissed off. Until I am at the point of explosion and let her have it. This happens regularly. Too regularly.

Today – I could feel the anxiety building inside me. Today I took deep breaths and tried to calm myself. I was in no way ‘calm’ or even close to it really, but i wasn't murderous. I was well away from the edge. I told her calmly and without getting angry what i expected from her.

End result. I kept my dignity – which i sometimes lose when I let my emotions overtake me.

I am happy with how that went.

I was able to get some things out that needed to be said.

Hopefully she will think about them.

Handed over to the Goddess.

Enjoy your day




wykd wytch said...

It was a great lesson last night Jen. I hope You enjoyed it as much as we did.....twas good fun and lots of information passed on the the Autumns.w.w.

Jewell said...

well done Jen, hope she gets it this time..

janis said...

A big pat from me!
Why is it this generation has such bad manners? I tried so hard to raise my girls well. I get so many compliments about them. But when they are home, they can be so mean to me. Say the darnest things, talk back and expect to be catered to. I don't get it. It wasn't al bad. We had good moments too, but Thanksgiving Break has made me realize I am writing a list fo rules for the Christmas break. 4 weeks of them, I love them but, by golly lets get it straight before it begins! Hopefully all will be good...