Sunday, 20 December 2009

bush challenge 2009!!!

This is our Christmas tree at nightIMG_4265

this is during the daylight hours





Myst_72 said...

That looks SO NICE Jen!!!!
I love it :)

I have a modest wee bush this year....


Anonymous said...

It's really beautiful Jen! :)
So...... Christmas-y!


Michelle said...

Cool purple stuff!

Paula said...

How very beautiful. Glad you are more around again. Hope yoiu had a content and calm time. Hugs from Munich

Sarah said...

Oh the bokeh in the first one is stunning!! I love the daylight tree its lovely!! I love the colors!!
Happy New Year, Sarah

Jen said...

Thanks so much Sarah - I had been just reading up about bokeh and wanted to try it for myself. I have the link to some free downloadable bokeh if you want it - its beautiful.